Follow-Up to Pagamento for World Peace August 21, 2022

Now we’re going to sing songs that have existed for thousands of years. We’ll make music to feed our space and dance our souls. Dance is offering gratitude to life, food, all things. We dance to give thanks for everything we are. In this respect, we honor each other and Mother Earth. The music we dance to, the vibrations from the instruments, show us other way to express the connections we have. The first instruments were clay pots and wind instruments.               

Earth, land, sun, water, air, all generations back and forward, we have to sing to it. Nature has its own language. Our songs have sounds that express the sounds of animals, of rain, etc. Each living thing has its own specific sound. By singing we connect the energies to a deeper level with all living things.

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A Sagacious World

Loneliness deteriorates physical and mental health and we at the Teyuna Foundation would rather you not be lonely and the Mamos and Zagas for the sake of Earth want you to be happy. The spiritual Mothers and Fathers thought all of existence into reality and we continue to think our reality into being. Life is more pleasant for everyone and everything when we’re happy and we get happy when we become aware and working with the Teyuna Elders in community shifts us into awareness.

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