Support for the Guardians of Life on Earth

Today, Christmas day for many, falls on the auspicious occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi in India. Lord Vishnu opens ‘Vaikuntha Dwaram’ (Gates of Heaven) enabling all of life to receive material and spiritual blessings. For the Teyuna, the Sun is on His bench. It means Father Sun is in a deep state of meditation. The spiritual leaders and all members of Teyuna communities are on their benches too, receiving messages about what they can do for us and all life on Planet Earth.

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Aganguashi, Zhonagueshi, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Aganguashi is an energetic space of non-dual healing by which we purify ourselves and in so doing, purify all of nature. We heal Earth, we heal our sun, we heal our feelings and senses and we come into balance.

Zhonagueshi is a series of visualizations used to make offerings, pagamentos to the spiritual mothers and fathers of Earth and the cosmos.

With the power and the focus of our intention we can neutralize, clear and prevent dis-ease and facilitate balanced harmonious conditions for all life on the planet, including ourselves.

Aganguashi and Zhonagueshi are incontestable Universal Laws.

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Moon Phases and Plant Songs

What do we really need to do – in this moment, in this moment, in.this.moment? Put our our feet on the ground and breathe. Breathing is the first and last thing we do in a life and it’s what we do in-between breaths that determines a life- span. Between breaths we experience differing degrees of … Continued

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