Holistic Healing and Dreaming; Part II

The words holistic and healing are used to impart what the Teyuna (the Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Kankuamo people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) provide for the flora and fauna of the planet (including humans). The Teyuna use the Spanish word pagamento (payment) to describe what they do, but Spanish is not their native language. Payment and healing are considered synonyms herein as an attempt to explain phenomena that may seem otherworldly to non-indigenous.

Teyuna Spiritual Leaders, called Mamos and Zagas, don’t see themselves as healers necessarily. They believe they exist to balance imbalance.

For the Teyuna, illness is an imbalance created when a debt is left unpaid. Pagamento must be performed to cancel the debt. This concept is not so different from what Indians call karma.

In both cases, pagamento and karma, it is best to act preemptively, averting potential problems. In the case of karma this entails acting harmoniously and performing right action to avoid creating bad karma (debt). However, if bad karma is created a person can negate it by performing good deeds that results in good karma – it requires more effort, which is why it’s preferable to act preemptively.

It’s easier to avert than correct. It’s preferable to perform pagamento before an earthquake and it’s ideal to catch an illness before it becomes grave. The Teyuna are non-dual, so there is no good or bad per say. There is negative and positive, but these are thought of as polarities, not as desirable or undesirable qualities.

The Teyuna listen for potential imbalances  to mitigate disaster. They read signs directly from Mother Nature and communicate with the spiritual mothers and fathers of all creation to address and perform good deeds (pagamento) to bring about balance where needed.

If, for example, Mother Earth is angry and agitated in a specific area in the world, the Teyuna hear Her angry words by listening with the ears of their hearts. They’ll hear for example that an earthquake will occur somewhere in the world and subsequently they’ll have a conversation with Mother Nature to negotiate something like an armistice. I purposefully use the word armistice because from the Teyunas perspective those of us who live in an industrialized society are waging war on the Mother’s body and the Teyuna are tirelessly and constantly negotiating our survival of life on Earth.

This is why I often say that for all we know the Teyuna, and other Earth Stewards who do similar work worldwide hold the world together.

I acknowledge most readers and members of the Teyuna Foundation community are here to learn how to serve Mother Nature. Thank you for that. We appreciate it.

The Teyuna work with us because they want us to heal, they want us to understand how to live consciously and harmoniously, and they work with us because there are precious few of them left and they need our help.

When you attend a Holistic Healing and Dreaming session with us, the Mamos and Zagas listen to your soul, spirit and body with the ears of the heart and ask that you participate whole heartedly in return. We must all work together for existence on this planet to come into balance.  Please click here for more information and to register for our September 21 call at GMT -5:00 (2 PM EST; 11:00 AM PST)

The word dreaming is our base word for an ever unfolding, ongoing ebb and flow of consciousness.

Dream analysis will be familiar to most readers as a primarily Jungian-based concept. Teyuna, and all indigenous I’ve discussed dreaming with, speak to our waking 3-D reality as a dream world. For Indians, this concept is called maya. What is real? What is not real? I’ve found the best way to impart  indigenous philosophy concerning waking-day dream-world  is to  to discuss dreaming and waking as states of consciousness. In this moment we’re either awake or dreaming. Within our respective states of awakeness or dreaming, we’re at different levels of consciousness depending on our awareness.

Dream symbology is tangible and immutable for the Teyuna. Dreaming is a practice, like yoga which you can do with your eyes closed or open.

We have literally thousands of unconscious thoughts and when we begin paying paying attention to our environments (getting present – internally and externally) our minds naturally quiet and we naturally begin to notice patterns –  signs and symbols that help us to understand our life paths on a more conscious level. 

I’ll share more about dreaming in the next Holistic Healing and Dreaming post. We plan to focus on dreaming in our September 21 session.

I’d like to leave you with the impressions of last month’s Holistic Healing and Dreaming circle via zoom and invite you to join us for our next session. Please note that our sessions are very intimate and each person has an opportunity to share, so we limit the calls to 20 participants.

“I feel wonderful now and the experience was very powerful. I felt the ritual becoming more and more defined particularly as I went through the week. I had more energy each day.”

“It was quite interesting to watch my thoughts. I noticed I had a lot of divided thoughts and opinions and found my way through them, integrated them. The exercises helped me arrive at continuity.”

“My energy definitely picked up. I got more focused and my nerve damage is better.”

“I felt relaxed and my energy has picked up. My knee got better.”

“It was like a month long meditation class jammed into 7 days. I had intense dreams and emotionality – that’s unusual for me. I felt a lot of purification and healing.”

“I was more drawn then usual toward meditation and it was easier to align with positive thoughts and intentions. I feel still in process and this is the beginning.”

“This experience was powerful! The first two days I had a lot of physical pain and felt I was detoxing. By the 3rd day I was sleeping through the night, which was a 180 degree turn around. I felt a lot of vibration and changes within me.”

Please click here for more information and to register for our September 21 call at GMT -5:00 (2 PM EST; 11:00 AM PST)

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