Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka
Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka

ancestral wisdom school

fall semester

10 consecutive thursdays beginning september 16, 2021

2:00-3:30pm colombia time


We are particles of Mother Nature. She sings us from The Origin, the space where nothingness meets pure, creative thought. She is always singing. Song is the language She uses to teach us and speak to us. Her teachings are the sounds of springs, oceans, rivers, rain, wind, birds, frogs, toads, and all life. She sings us food and protection, life-force energy and good health for our mental (soul), physical and spiritual bodies.

It’s important to answer Her song with our song.  Song keeps the balance between us and Her. Song is the reason we remain here on Earth. If we didn’t sing to Her, nature would die. When seeds are born damaged, or Earth descends in an avalanche, when trees die, when water dries up, it is because people are not singing.

“Singing us” is not a typo. It was intentional not to place the word “to” between singing and us. The Teyuna do not sing to nature, they sing nature, meaning they sing life into existence and maintain life’s existence through song. Each animal, plant or element has a song and when we learn life’s songs we can tune to our highest potential, be free to live happy, healthy lives and do our part to nurture the nature that supports all life on this planet. We can even connect with the cosmos through the songs of stars and planets.

It is the primary mission of the Teyuna Foundation to provide a space where the Teyuna Mamos and Zagas can share with those who wish to come into a deeper, clearer and more intimate understanding of how to nurture relationship and reciprocity with nature, including their own.

We are very honored to announce that The Bunshanduna School of Ancestral Wisdom will commence it’s first semester Thursday September 16. We will meet weekly from 2:00-3:30PM Colombia time on Thursdays September 16; 23; 30; October 7; 14; 21; 28 and November 4;11 and 18.

Our first class will be with Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka, two of the foremost song lineage holders of Teyuna music. Please don’t miss this precious opportunity to sing with them and experience their wisdom. Throughout the semester we will also receive teachings from Mamma Sheshankua and Abu Santa. We will start at the beginning, with the song of Se, harmony, the primary universal law and we will focus on Teyuna music throughout the semester.

We suggest a donation of $450.00 for the 10 session semester.    

We look forward to seeing you soon.



teyuna inspired meditation

relax, share and breathe together

Led by founder/director Mary Gaetjens. Teyuna mamos and zagas occasionally join and lead.

Every Wednesday from 6:30-7:15PM Mountain Standard Time via zoom. 




Mamo Atilio

Holistic Healing and Dreaming with Mamo Atilio

attunements to connect more deeply with

the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers of Earth.

Ongoing, nearly every month at 9:00AM Pacific USA; Noon Eastern USA; 5:00PM UTC. Check back soon for information on the next session. 


Share with Mamo Atilio live in an intimate group session via zoom on January 28 and work with him remotely for 1 week checking-in with Teyuna Foundation staff on Thursday February 4 to share what happened for you and receive further support in working with Teyuna energy. 

  • Class size is very limited to provide an opportunity for each person to share directly with Mamo.  
  • After you register email dreams for Arhuaco dream analysis and/or  questions you’d like Mamo Atilio to to answer.
  • An Active Registration link will be placed here when sessions are scheduled. 


recordings from our October 19 and 20 classes


  Holistic Healing and Dreaming with Mamo Atilio. Suggested Donation $45.00 

Your contributions directly support Mamo Atilio and his work. Mamo Atilio provides healings, weddings, baptisms and many other services  at no cost to the Teyuna communities. Mamo’s dream is to liberate a small plot of land in the Sierra and build a simple temple there where he can do his work.


Arhuaca Remedies & Dart Frog Medicine with Ati. Suggested Donation $27.00.  

Ati, Mamo Atilio’s daughter, offers much needed traditional healing also at no cost in the Sierra and your donation supports her in buying the supplies she needs. 

⋅ We meet on the waxing crescent moon. For the Teyuna, that’s the best time for healing.
⋅ In our last class Mamo Atilio shared about how the moon reflects not only the sun, but our entire being and teach you to read moon messages.
⋅ Ati spoke about common herbs you can find and make your own medicine with,  traditional Teyuna herbal remedies, and her work with dart frog medicine. 
Session times are:  -5:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)
1:00-2:30 PM Colombia; 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern; 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Pacific; 7:00-8:30 PM Western European
Rue. A potent medicinal plant. One of the plants discussed in our October session.

Impressions from Holistic Healing and Dreaming circle via zoom.

“I feel wonderful now and the experience was very powerful. I felt the ritual becoming more and more defined particularly as I went through the week. I had more energy each day.”
“It was quite interesting to watch my thoughts. I noticed I had a lot of divided thoughts and opinions and found my way through them, integrated them. The exercises helped me arrive at continuity.”
“My energy definitely picked up. I got more focused and my nerve damage is better.”
“I felt relaxed and my energy has picked up. My knee got better.”
“It was like a month long meditation class jammed into 7 days. I had intense dreams and emotionality – that’s unusual for me. I felt a lot of purification and healing.”
“I was more drawn then usual toward meditation and it was easier to align with positive thoughts and intentions. I feel still in process and this is the beginning.”
“This experience was powerful! The first two days I had a lot of physical pain and felt I was detoxing. By the 3rd day I was sleeping through the night, which was a 180 degree turn around. I felt a lot of vibration and changes within me.”

wiwa wisdom: the sacredness of water; weaving and pagamento. 

Promoting healing for an agitated, ailing planet and all flora and fauna – including yourself.

aired august 28, 2021 12:00-2:00Pm colombia time

I sometimes describe the Teyuna, (called Tayrona by the Spanish), as the Dalai Lamas of the natural world since they spend the majority of their time meditating with Mother Nature.

The Teyuna Zagas (female shamans) literally spend their lives caring for all flora and fauna of Earth in all dimensions seen and unseen. They believe they exist solely to do so and have done so since time immemorial. They are natural healers, have intimate and in-depth knowledge of plants that modern botanists find astounding, skills in midwifery that go far beyond training in delivering babies, and read the sky better than the most competent of atmospheric scientists to name a few examples of the limitless understanding of life they carry.

It is an immense and profound gift to interact with the Teyuna in any way and an especially precious and unique honor to build relationship with the Zagas as they rarely share the wisdom with outsiders.

The Teyuna Foundation began offering classes with the Zagas of SHINSHITɄHKWA, SNSM. In January of 2021 after spending many weeks dialoging with the Mamos and Zagas, spiritual leaders of the community, about how best to approach working together with utmost integrity on our part.

It was unprecedented for the Zagas of the community to offer classes online and it took sometime for them to be comfortable doing so. This year the Zagas taught the participants of Teyuna Foundation classes how to properly be of service to Mother Earth, the in-depth relationship between a women’s moon cycle, the Earth and the heavens, how to remove dis-ease from our physical and physical bodies simply through the power of our own thoughts, and how to connect more deeply with all the elements of Earth and the cosmos and how to begin weaving (literally and energetically) the threads that create the cosmos and all it contains.

You are welcome to join us August 28 from 12:00PM to 2:00PM Colombia time as the Zagas of the SNSM of Colombia share how to explore personal and planetary healing and so much more of what most of us consider magic, mystery and the impossible.

Donations to the Zagas contribute to irrigation for several hectares of crops, clean drinking water, seeds and seedlings for the plants the zagas use for weaving, materials for pagamento, the Zagas sacred service to Mother Nature, and cover travel expenses. Many of the Zagas walk over 10 hours from their homes to the base of the Sierra to participate in these offerings.


it is advisable to have these items on hand for teyuna foundaiton sessions:

These items are suggested and as you continue working with the Mamos and Zagas you may want to have them on hand. These items are not necessarily required for the current session. Please don’t miss the session because you don’t have the items.


  • Candles in all colors of the rainbow, including black. I suggest BEESWAX tapers and candles in glassware that you can burn for several days  like this.
  • Elementals in all colors of the rainbow, including black.  Typically these are stones but can be shells or feathers or other naturally occurring elements. You will eventually offer them back to Mother Earth, so don’t choose anything you are attached to
  • matches
  • Cigars, sacred tobacco, sage sticks or sticks of incense
  • Aguardiente (white alcohol such as rum or tequila can be substituted for aguardiente) or holy water


Why Candles?


When people think of candles they often think of candle magic and candle magic is misrepresented. Merriam-Webster defines magic as supernatural power over natural forces and I think the main problem begins with that definition. There is no such thing as supernatural power over natural forces in orthodox practice, there is reciprocity and relationship. The idea of personal power is where things begin to go wrong. There are many ways in which ancient traditional practices have been disenfranchised and I discuss this a bit in my book. There’s nothing sinister about what we call magic in it’s pure form, but magic has become a loaded word unfortunately.

Candles flames symbolize a connection to the fire element which in many cultures is the element of invocation and the element of love. In other words, if you want your intention to be empowered, you light a candle and connect to the flame. It’s really that simple. The idea of making a wish before you blow out candles on a birthday cake. You hope your wish comes true, you declare your intention to focus on that wish.

A black candle, for the Arhuaco will absorb negative energy and remove it from your life. That’s why black.

Look for 100% pure beeswax from places like big dipper wax works and blue corn

Burning beeswax releases negative ions that neutralize anything high in positively charged particles like what electronics emit and mold spores have. Positive ions are found in allergens, odors, germs and dust as well.  Negative ions grab hold of positive ions, become too heavy to remain airborne and drop to surfaces where you can clean them up. So, if you burn beeswax you can increase a sense of well-being and mental clarity, improves breathing, decrease blood pressure, relieve tension, normalize serotonin in the brain for better sleep and reduce headaches and other sicknesses caused by positive ions.Blue corn also sells glassware if you need it. Candles burn longer and feel safer when they’re inside glass.


Teyuna knowledge and practice = thinking locally and globally from a non-dual perspective.


The Teyuna are not just another group of holy people connected to Earth. Connected to Earth is who they are. Stewarding Earth and Her flora and fauna isn’t so much what they do as what can’t be separated from as a culture. Consciousness is embedded in everything they do due to their life-long disciplined training. The Teyuna Foundation is not just another environmental group providing great classes, it’s a group of conscious activists committed to facilitating the experience of awakening transmissions that are as unique as they are strong and seeding heart-felt truth, honor and spiritual intention that lasts.

When people are asked what drew them to the Teyuna most everyone says they were inexplicably called and felt a bond of spirit.

Teyuna knowledge and practice offer embodiment to thinking locally and globally from a non-dual perspective. It creates a visceral connection where reciprocity and relationship naturally build into sustainable community.

The impact Teyuna teachings have on westerners and other Amerindians and indigenous worldwide is profound. Facilitating the Teyunas’ capacity to open hearts and minds to Earth-based non-dualism synthesizes traditional, ancient knowledge and modern necessity on an ecological and spiritual level that is, from my experience and according to outreach feedback, unprecedented. Bringing holistic, practical spirit-based wisdom to the study of ecological protection is crucial in these times.

As Gus Speth, a US adviser on climate change and career environmentalists said: I used to think that top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems. I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a cultural and spiritual transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.

Participants report:

  • Feeling their lives balanced and integrated on deeper and deeper levels as time goes on
  • Benefit from the exercises they learned in classes and continue to do years later
  • Their connection to the planet and to their inner-knowing as greatly clarified and amplified

Earth Stewardship Online Community Courses

  • Connect with Mamos in the Sierra Nevada for 16, 90-minute online sessions for the upcoming four chapter series.
  • In the sessions, Mamos will share the sacredness of their teachings and offer practices to support you in connecting to Earth, and your practice as an Earth Steward in your community and beyond.
  • Sessions are recorded.
  • This course is ideal for anyone called to the teachings of the Teyuna.

Registration Details Coming Soon

Community Cuppas

Remote Sessions from the Sierra

Sessions include:

  • A planning session where you discuss healing challenges, ask questions and/or discuss a situation you’d like support with (translator present).
  • Mamos and Zagas do a divination (they discuss your needs with their Spiritual Mothers and Fathers).
  • Mamos and Zagas spend an average of 40 hours aligning and attuning your energetic body to support your soul, spirit and physical body’s potential to thrive. After a session you are forever in their consciousness and are likely to feel their presence in your life indefinitely.
  • About a week after your session (sometimes sooner) you will have a follow-up call where the Mamos and Zagas insights are shared with you (translator present).
PLEASE NOTE: In some situations  Mamos and Zagas conduct Earth healing ceremonies (pagamentos) on your behalf at specific sites within the Sierra Nevada and may need special materials that require travel to acquire. Some materials must be purchased. Depending on the complexity of the service you ask them to provide, you may be asked to contribute additional funds. There have been times when 4 mamos have fasted in a sacred site for 4 days on an individual’s behalf and we can not limit what they do. They work on your behalf with the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers of Earth and the Cosmos to fully address anything in your life path that is out of alignment. You need to make a serious commitment as well. This is a special and rare opportunity and can not be taken lightly.


Click here to sign up


Please be sure to include contact information to enable session scheduling. If you have any issues or questions, please contact Mary