Earth Stewardship Online Community Course


  • Here you will get to connect remotely with the Mamos in the Sierra Nevada for eight 90-minute online sessions, for a total of 12 hours of continued support and teaching from the Mamos
  • In the sessions, Mamos will be able to answer your questions about maintaining your connection to the earth and waters and how to continue to support earth steward communities
  • Sessions will start the week of September 16th and will run every other week over the course of four months. Sessions will be recorded.
  • This course is ideal for people who have participated in prior earth stewardship work with the Teyuna, regardless of at what location or at what prior time.

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Remote Healings with Mamos and Zagas from the Sierra


As a very special way to support the fundraiser, the Teyuna are offering just 22 individual healing session slots where you can work remotely with 4 Mamos in the Sierra Nevada.

The session will include:

  • A planning phone call with Ginny Villaraga, a leader within the Teyuna Foundation and an interpreter for the Mamos and Zagas, where you establish what your intended healing issue is
  • Ginny will consult with the Mamos who will then conduct the remote healing and then report back
  • A second phone call where you and Ginny discuss the insights from the Mamos.

Please note: in some situations an individual healing might require the Mamos to conduct actual earth healing ceremonies (pagamentos) at specific sites within the Sierra Nevada. In these situations, there can be an additional cost to cover the Mamos’ travel and ceremonial expenses. Costs of additional services would need to be covered by the person seeking healing.

Each session is US$444.00. The Mamos and Zagas receive all compensation minus Ginny’s time. We are partnered with dharma Merchant Services as our card processor. This hyperlink below will take you to MX Merchant which dharma Merchant Services uses to manage payments.

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Please be sure to include contact information to enable session scheduling. If you have any issues or questions, please contact