Communitea WEDNESDAYS and Register for Bunshanduna Ancestral Wisdom School Sessions Start SEPTEMBER 16

I offer communiteas every Wednesday to give members of the Teyuna Foundation community a moment to connect, share and honor Mother Earth. We sit together though we may be thousands of miles apart and focus on loving Earth, thereby nurturing ourselves and all the seen and unseen creatures, plants, elements and mysteries of life. You are always welcome. Link here to join at 6:00PM Mountain Time on Wednesdays. 

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Launching the Bunshanduna School of Ancestral Wisdom

We are particles of Mother Nature. She sings us from The Origin, the space where nothingness meets pure, creative thought. She is always singing. Song is the language She uses to teach us and speak to us. Her teachings are the sounds of springs, oceans, rivers, rain, wind, birds, frogs, toads, and all life. She sings us food and protection, life-force energy and good health for our mental (soul), physical and spiritual bodies.

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Living Meditation with the Zagas

Spending time with the Zagas is like stepping barefoot onto soft fertile earth and suddenly realizing you're not on earth, you are earth. It's dissolving into the loving supportive arms of a mother, of The Mother. It's suddenly noticing the beauty of nuance – the song of crickets, the sound of wind rustling tree leaves, the reflection of sunlight on water – it's presence and it's not possible to be thinking and present at the same time and presence is freedom.

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