“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
― Albert Pike

Our fundamental drive as humans is to give in a way that feels important. I see no more authentic hope for our planet than the Teyuna who by their sacred commitment to life communicate directly with rivers, sacred sites and our last remaining wild lands on behalf of all life. As the Teyuna Spiritual Leaders tirelessly follow instructions whispered to them on the wind, seen in clouds, on tree leaves and rocks, and sung in songs rivers sing, they may well be the glue that holds Earth together, that keeps Her in balance. Who is more selfless then someone who believes they exist to give? What better gift can we give then one that supports them? If you have a better cause to give to, please let me know because I’ll want to give to that one too.

Savitree; 1000 year old tree on the grounds of Savitri Spiritual Center in Crestone, Colorado; Watercolor; 22×30 inche

We are grateful for the generosity and support of two phenomenal artists: Marika Popovits and Harry Roa

Marika donated the two soulful, beautiful  watercolors you see here:  Extraordinary Wildflowers and Savitree. The watercolors will be gifted (upon request) to the first 2 benefactors who donate $8,000.00 or more. Each of these original artworks were appraised at $8,000 several years ago and are certainly worth more to collectors now.

We’re also offering up to 40 full size archival prints of these watercolors as thank you gifts for $700.00 donations.

Harry Roa donated the exquisite Eye of Horace ring pictured below. Offered as a thank you gift to the 1st person to request it with a $700.00 donation.

Eye of Horace Front View
Eye of Horace Ring; Size 10; Sterlium Silver
2020 Fundraising Goals:
  • Supporting Kogi-Wiwa Mamo Senchina and Abu Maria Luisa Nakogui Mojica in fostering Dzhiwatun, a sanctuary and cultural university for Amerindians in Ubaté, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Why Ubaté? During colonization, a Muisca Elder, knowing that his culture and his people would be lost to the Spanish, traveled from what is now known as Cundinamarca, formerly the home of thousands of Muisca and other ethnic groups, to the Sierra and implored a Kogi Mamo to save the teachings of his people. Kogi Mama Aluka committed to traveling from the Sierra to the Andes to help the Muisca and other Amerindian descendants re-member their culture when the time was right. The time is now. Mama Aluka was Abu’s father and his mission fulfills a very important prophecy through Mamo Senchina and Abu Maria: $120,000.00
  • Sierra wide Reforestation and Agricultural Programs: $16,000.00

= $136,000.00 

2019 project goals. All were completed successfully.
  • Build of three temples in Seyamᵾke, La Guajira, Colombia to serve seven communities, 2,418 Kogi and Wiwa people – 300 families including 934 children under 15 years of age. Seyamᵾke is known to Colombians as Dibulla. In the Dᵾmᵾna language, Seyamᵾke means “place where the origins are returned”. The Seyamᵾke Temples are core and central sanctuaries for ancestral practice and spiritual teachings. Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $15,560.00
  • Cultural Events at the Three Temples: Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $229.00
  • Reclamation of Tres Cerritos, a sacred site on the Linea Negra. Patricia Taylor donated $100,000.00 via Manitou  in cooperation with Teyuna Foundation who handled the legal aspects of the transaction. Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed an additional $5,000.00.
  • Building of a temple in Tekumuke, La Guajira, Colombia for Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco and Kankuamo communities. The Tekumuke Temples are also core and central sanctuaries for ancestral practice and spiritual teachings. Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $2,508.00
  • Rebuild of 20 traditional homes and one female temple for the Kogi of Mamey after fires devastated the community Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $11.443.00
  • A Zagas Tuma Fund Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $500.00
  • Funding for Traditional Medical Care and Emergencies Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $2539.00
  • Partial Funding for Mamo Senchina’s Amerindian Educational Center in the Andes Teyuna Foundation Donors contributed $20,000.00 (approximately $100,000.00 more needed)

= $57,779.00

Projects completed in 2018, our first year
  • Participated in the liberation of sites along the Magdalena and Besotes Rivers to prevent damming and mining.
  • Helped to reclaim 33 sacred sites in the Heart of the World.

The Teyuna Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Thank you so much for your support. Please make large donations via ACH or wire transfer (instructions here) and contact us for details or if your have any questions.

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Your donations support our shared community, Earth. Thank you so much for your support.

Walking with You in Harmony,