urgent call to non-action   For millennia Teyuna have sustained THE PLANET’S health and harmony WITH THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS. NOW, Mother Earth HAS REQUESTED HUMANITY JOIN THEM. bilingual EVENTS, spanish and english   Please take a moment to REGISTER for the Global PAGAMENTO this SATURDAY  August 20 and/or SUNDAY August 21  via zoom Please share with … Continued

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Worldwide Pagamento TOMORROW!

Teyuna meditation energizes and nurtures Nature, mitigates natural disaster, asks the planet and the cosmos for forgiveness on behalf of humanity for harm done to Her body, soul and spirit, and honors Earth. The Teyuna, the planet’s original non-dual practitioners, have initiated an urgent plea on behalf of Earth. Help us show Her we care by uniting with us as a human family and experience unconditional forgiveness, compassion and harmony in a distinctly potent way.

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World-Wide Pagamento February 2, 2022

The Mamos and Zagas have been directly communicating with the planet for millenniums. Veins on a tree leaf in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta give them information about what is happening in a forest in Sweden. The soil talks to them, they hear the water sing and the wind whispers messages from the moors to the highest peaks. The firelight shows them what is unseen.

Our thoughts and actions affect the health and well-being of the flora and fauna of the planet and reverberate in the cosmos. Earth needs you to understand that – body, soul and spirit. You make a difference in the world, for the worlds.

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