Worldwide Pagamento TOMORROW!


For millennia Teyuna have sustained Mother Earth’s health and harmony via pagamento. For the first time they’re asking the world to join them.


  • Please take a moment to REGISTER for the Global PAGAMENTO THIS WEDNESDAY, 10-11:30 AM Pacific US/CAN
  • Please share with friends around the globe to honor Earth’s wish to have many people participating in diverse locations.
  • The Elders will connect people worldwide to a frequency that will energize Earth’s flora and fauna (including you).
  • The more physical locations on the planet we reach, the greater the benefit.

Teyuna meditation energizes and nurtures Nature, mitigates natural disaster, asks the planet and the cosmos for forgiveness on behalf of humanity for harm done to Her body, soul and spirit, and honors Earth. The Teyuna, the planet’s original non-dual practitioners, have initiated an urgent plea on behalf of Earth. Help us show Her we care by uniting with us as a human family and experience unconditional forgiveness, compassion and harmony in a distinctly potent way.


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  • Invite your networks to likewise help us share this global event (free to all) to place our intention and attention on our Mother Earth and on the energy of well-being and regeneration for her and all her inhabitants.

Please help us share indigenous teachings about the urgency of changing our ways while simultaneously awakening to the power of thoughts, intentions and actions that create a holistically inspired world.

Too busy to join? Offer your energy as a monetary gift. Tap into a flow of connection you never knew was possible while helping preserve a culture and a practice vital to understanding nature in all aspects of life. Your contribution makes our work in Earth Stewardship possible.



The Teyuna are the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo Peoples of Colombia

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Clear, high vibrational thoughts promote health, balance and peace. Your thoughts make a difference. You make a difference. Global Pagamento 2/2/22; Free.

Join Teyuna Elders Mama Senshina, Habba Ulaka, Abu Santa & Mama Sheshankua (Kogi Peoples of Colombia) In English and Spanish: Global Pagamento 2/2/22; Free.

Pagamento is a refreshing, rewarding and healing way to connect to nature, including our own. It’s an active meditation whereby the Teyuna listen to, and converse with, Mother Earth. In English y Espanol: Global Pagamento 2/2/22; Free.


Connect to the original non-dual practitioners. Come together as a human family to support Earth and experience growth collectively and globally on an unprecedented scale. Experience forgiveness, compassion and balance in an unconditional and distinctly potent way. Global Pagamento 2/2/22; Free.


Join Teyuna Elders Mama Senshina, Habba Ulaka, Abu Santa & Mama Sheshankua (Kogi Peoples of Colombia) In English and Spanish: Global Pagamento 2/2/22; Free.