Follow-Up to Pagamento for World Peace August 21, 2022

resonating with you all in harmony and deeply felt balance in celebrating the equinox.💚



Today I’m sharing a very basic transcript of our 2nd Worldwide Pagamento which took place on August 20, 2022 with a group gathered in person at  MAAM, Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, Colombia. We connected via zoom from North America and shared the pagamento worldwide. Although other Elders spoke, here we focused on what Mamo Sheshankua said as the conversation moved very quickly in Spanish and our connection was not optimal. We are waiting for MAAM to release their recording, but since so many have asked for transcripts, I’m taking the opportunity to provide what I can at this time.

Mamo Sheshankua and several Elders from different traditions (names mentioned below) shared the need to create peace within ourselves to create peace within the world. Our experience of inner peace reaches through us and reflects our clear thoughts to the universe.

Do not seek revenge for harm done. We must let go of our differences and focus on thoughts that create peace in our heart, the core of the body.

We must foster peace in our homes, with our friends and with those we don’t consider friends or don’t know because we are all connected as one race, one humanity

Mamo Sheshankua gave an example: a wooden table has 4 legs.  If one leg is loose or unstable it will collapse. He asked us to think of our heart as a table.  If our hearts are unstable, meaning we don’t have complete peace within us, our lives are not stable.

He asked us not to be angry. He said many of us wake up angry and carry anger throughout the day which makes us unstable. He suggested upon waking we make a point of saying hello to our neighbors, call a friend or a sibling to say good morning and find a way to have a happy thought we can carry throughout the day. We must learn that when we have the option of quickly changing our thoughts, and we must be conscious of our thoughts to be better people every day, to be in peace. When we start thinking of positive happy things, we create energies and transmit that energy to others and create a better world. [Our positive thoughts can reach anywhere in the universe and be reflected back to us by the celestial bodies].

Think of humanity as members of one big happy family. He named many types of plants and animals that exist on Earth and said we must be more conscious of sharing this planet with all that is. By taking care of the plants, animals, and each other we’re taking care of ourselves. We’re a family learning together to be at peace with Nature because Nature is everything, Nature is even represented by our enemies. A snake farther away is more dangerous than a snake very close where you can keep an eye on it. In the same way, it’s important to keep an enemy close. [in North America we say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” here the concept was explored in a deeper way, and there is much to this conversation that we may explore in a different blog if there’s interest in it].

Our bodies and thoughts have the most value when they clearly reflect the sun. The sun is light [when our thoughts are clear we reflect our inner, self-effulgent sun to mirror the sun of our solar system]. We must reflect. We must stop acting and reacting. We must recognize [contemplate] the root of what troubles us and love and accept experiences that caused us pain in the past and let them go so our bodies can create and grow the peace they need.

Nature is struggling and suffering due to humanity’s violence and focus on limiting thoughts. Climate change, wars between countries, gun violence, and anger within families and between neighbors and friends have consequences. Anger creates illness in all of life. Peace helps us to be complete and healthier in mind and body. Everything is connected and we must start with ourselves to see the change we want to see.

Humans were born to take care of Earth in collaboration with animals and Nature, and we are doing the opposite. Instead of working as a group, we are killing each other and not respecting the Law of Origin. For this reason, there is much debt we have to Mother Earth. The animals we kill, the trees we cut, the water we contaminate, or use are all debts we have to pay. That’s why we come together, to accept we’ve created debt without asking Mother Earth’s permission to take with the intention to give back. Now, with everyone here, together, we will focus on paying our debts with the energy of our clear thoughts.

Nature is exhausted from giving everything and receiving nothing from us. We don’t respect Her. We don’t realize we’re sons of earth, water, fire and air. We must correct and purify our thoughts and actions. Gold is Earth’s purest element. Please imagine you are offering gold to Mother Earth. Imagine everything you know about gold, its purity, beauty, value, etc. and breathe the intention of offering gold to Mother Earth. Imagine you yourself are gold and share the abundance you are with Mother Earth.

Mamo Sheshankua spoke a lot about gold and the importance of gold for pagamento which little brother doesn’t understand. Almost all of the Teyunas’ gold has been taken and much of it is in the Museu de Oro (Museum of Gold) in Bogota, Colombia. Mamo hopes little brother will stop mining gold as gold mining and all mining greatly disturb Earth’s positive energetics and ability to take care of all life. He hopes little brother will consider giving back what was stolen from Teyuna culture so that it can be used for its intended purpose.

Other points expressed throughout the conversation by Mamo Shesankua and the Elders present concern around indigenous territory that has disappeared and the constant effort to protect and reclaim territory so that Nature can be maintained, and culture preserved. “What is a people without its territory? The territory/land is the people’s history, its stories, its culture, its everything.” Much was said in this vein.

The importance of the feminine and of women was spoken to as well. “A woman is closest to Mother Earth, therefore women are closest to Nature, and need to be part of the dialogue.”

Traditionally, the males in many Amerindian cultures are the chief consults, though the female elders, called zagas in the Teyuna tradition, are very involved in pagamento and have their own teachings and trainings. Mamo Sheshankua was pointing to women being respected as major contributors to the work the indigenous do to maintain and/or return Nature to a state of harmony.

Our question should be how are we going to take care of Nature? We have to think and ask permission to receive what we take before using something belonging to Mother Earth. We must be grateful for what we receive, and we must offer something in return. Everything we consume and waste, even the air we breathe can be purchased in the world of the younger brother. We want younger brother to understand everything belongs to Mother Earth and when you take without giving or ask others to pay you for what you’ve taken, not what you’ve earned, you create disharmony. Just like you have to pay your water or electricity bill, you have to pay Mother Earth.

Pagamento Practice:

Fire, Water, Air and Earth are our Grandfathers. Now we are going to feed our Grandfathers and Earth as a whole. Please focus on all life being in peace so our bothers who are sick will heal.

We have stones (quartz crystals) and cotton for you to focus your clear thoughts of peace and purity upon. You can continue to focus also on offering gold, a heart of gold and purifying all that is with gold.

Imagine you have cotton in your left hand. Concentrate on all the negative things that happened in your life from your earliest memory until now and deposit all your painful memories into the cotton.  [Pagamento is about balancing energy. We are cleansing our minds, soul and body of energy that is out of alignment, of noise and chatter]. Affirm all negativity is leaving your body. Please think of all painful past experiences as food for Zongla [representing the negative polarity]. Close your eyes and concentrate. Imagine now [the live participants physically offered cotton to the fire] you are offering the cotton to the fire.

“The cotton energy is so strong! The fire light up very well!”

Now, focus on the quartz crystal in the center of the circle and if you’re holding a crystal, hold it in your right hand. Think pure, helpful, kind thoughts and put all the positive experiences of your life, from when you were a baby till now, even in your mother’s womb, into the crystal. Add thoughts of your dreams, things you would like to do but have not accomplished yet, anything that gives you joy into the crystal. Imagine you have the energy to accomplish anything you like. Focus on your gifts on the energy of what you want to do.

The energy we are connecting between all of us is going to be something very complex that will feed the sun, that will create the world peace we need, that will reach all the way to Russia.

We’re creating Peace with ourselves, our families, in our relationships, with our partners, at work and in all areas of our lives.

We are all connected from different parts of the world and we’re sending, through the quartz, energy to heal all imbalance. The quartz is helping us focus our energy.

Think to yourself that anyone you’re struggling with in your life is really your beloved brother. We must take care of people we see as enemies. We must feed them. Then, they become our brothers and there is peace between us. We don’t have to think of enemies as people we need to kill, on the contrary our thoughts of peace have the power to cure people and the power to cure ourselves. You need more practice doing this. Practice every day. Now, give the crystals to the mamos so they can cleanse any thoughts from the crystals that were not pure. Now, the stones will be heated. Later, the stones and the cotton ashes will be put in a mountain. Mountains are the memories of Earth.

Nature is so rich, and so it is with our bodies. We have to look deep inside to see how rich we are.  If you were able to learn something today, practice it every day for a year (365 days) and you will see a change in your body.

I hope we can meet again and do other pagamentos to connect and give back to Mother Earth.

This gathering was made possible by Grandfather Fire.

Now we’re going to sing songs that have existed for thousands of years. We’ll make music to feed our space and dance our souls. Dance is offering gratitude to life, food, all things. We dance to give thanks for everything we are. In this respect, we honor each other and Mother Earth. The music we dance to, the vibrations from the instruments, show us other way to express the connections we have. The first instruments were clay pots and wind instruments.

Earth, land, sun, water, air, all generations back and forward, we have to sing to it. Nature has its own language. Our songs have sounds that express the sounds of animals, of rain, etc. Each living thing has its own specific sound. By singing we connect the energies to a deeper level with all living things.

When you sing to a plant, it grows happier and healthier. It’s the same for all living things. Sing to yourself. Sing the songs of your native seeds.

Teto [Colombian musician focusing on the music of Colombian Amerindians] has been trying to preserve the indigenous music and said it’s very important we record and save all the indigenous songs we can for future generations. The indigenous are more in contact with westerners. Traditions are being lost with the younger generations, but we are trying to recuperate those teachings to preserve the cultures.

Now, everyone please stand [to close]. Turn from the left [turn in a complete circle [hug your body with your right arm as your right hand and left shoulder lead].

Thank you to everyone from around the world who joined us. Say thank you to everyone who is participating in this peace pagamento with you.

Thank you to the participants who participated via zoom and shared where they were in the world. Just like the internet connected us, the energy we shared today connect us all as one, as Planet Earth. It is fundamental we heal from within, that we’re thankful to the Elders for the work they do for Nature and for how they are guiding us to understand their work.

Washington, DC

Cork, Ireland


British Columbia, Canada

Moffat, Colorado, USA

New York, USA

Bogotá, Colombia

Occidental, CA, USA – unceded Coastal Miwok territory

Maine, USA

Vancouver Island, BC Canada – Coast Salish territory

Connecticut, US

Massachusetts, USA

Pura Vida! Costa Rica 💚

Berlin, Alemania

Participant Comments:

Very grateful for the mamos making all these essential understandings available to us, so we can start to correct and reconnect and get back in partnership with Pachamama and Nature.

What a gift to us who grew up not listening to Nature sing to us and through us and around us. This is the answer to a question I didn’t know to ask.

Muchas Gracias a todos !!

I could hear the trees singing with them!

Thanks and gratitude for all translating these words and energies.

Thank you, dear Mary – and much love and gratitude to the mamos and zagas!

Every connection, in every direction, should be positive, as all around us are part of the same team, including the living plants and animals, but also the waters and mountains and the planet herself. That positivity is a personal, inner choice. This is part of the homework assignment (this is an energetic resonance, not a translation).

Thank you all. I am blessed to be here and very fortunate to hear your teachings. Much gratitude.

Thank you <3

I would like to join again tomorrow…Thank you so much !💜

Gracias a todos por compartir 🙏🏼💜

My heart is full ❤️Gracias

muchas gracias 🌷😊 beautiful

A beautiful experience.  Thank you so much Mary and Sandy and Fabio and all.

Very special and a beautiful practice to continue

I am extremely full. I look forward to tomorrow.

thank you everyone 💕

Since our first Worldwide Pagamento in February I’ve been connecting and offering gratitude to all of Nature. More and more I feel I belong, I’m not alone, I’m part of all that is. I’ve been thinking along these lines all my life and have learned from many Elders, but the Kogi teachings take them to a new level that’s immediately impactful for me.

The following Amerindians joined us from  MAAM to meditate and discussed World Peace: Wiwa Mamo Seshankwa; Kubeo Mayor Edgar Gutierrez Ramirez, spiritual leader, Bakata; ; Wanano Yuri Mileydi Mejia (youth coordinador, Opiac); Kubeo Mayor Betty Lopera Silva; Inga Waira Nina Jacanamijoy, artist and spiritual leader, San Jose Fragua, Caqueta; Arhuaco Jaison Perez Villafana; Yanakuna Jhonatan Palacios, Indigenous Intercultural University of Cauca; Misak Eyder Calambas Trochez, artist and member of the Wiwa Yaku Ancestral Council; Phuyu Uma, artist and member of the Ancestral Wiwa Yaku Council; Misak Mayor Clementina Trochez Tombe; Yanakuna Mayor Suyany Chincagana and Gunadule Amelicia Santacruz.

Fabio Garcia, co-founder of Teyuna Foundation Colombia and director/producer of Askuncha Shetamoro, The Lost Object, (Link here to view the beautiful preview on YouTube), facilitated the event.