Worldwide Pagamento Follow Up

Today marks one week since our Worldwide offering to Mother Earth.

We are so grateful to have had the participation of over 200 people from all over the world including Earth Stewards participating from the native territories of the Lek’wugen W’sanec, Pomo, Lenape, Dakota, Ojibwe, Coastal Miwok, Shawangunk, Pocomtuc, Nüümü + Newa, Syilx, Sinyxt , and  W’sanec people.

Our participants also included folks from Sri Lanka, Sweden, North America from coast to coast and including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada from coast to coast, Chile, London, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Finland and Peru!

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Solstice Practice

Members of the humanity can exercise the free will to become instruments of the resonance of love and commitment to the New Era, if they decide so. This decision will allow to radiate love and light, through our co-creator divinity to all friends, the brothers who have become our teachers of life, to the elementals of the forests, rivers, clouds, the planet, the stars, and the cosmos.

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