Solstice Practice

Dear Friends, Happy Solstice. May Se (harmony in the Kogi language) greet you today and everyday.

I’m sharing this Solstice message through The Great Balance and the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with permission. We’ll be working with on our next online series of classes with the mamos who voiced this message (coming soon). In the meantime, please join me on Wednesday nights for virtual “cuppas” from 5:00-6:00 PM PST.


To establish the connection with the Mamos and participants we must light a blue candle. The blue candle represents the union with the cosmos, with the Mamos in the Sierra and with all humanity. During these three days the candles will be connected to the light of Arhawiku the Father of the sacred fire permanently lit in the kaduko (sacred site) of Kanuteti. Spend an hour or the time you want to connect with the Mamos and participants of this important event. Duni (Thanks)

The younger brothers and sisters join the Mamos who live in the Heart of the World to celebrate the arrival of the 2020 summer solstice JUNE 21-24. At this moment, all humanity is living a very special moment. While we need to observe social distance, the same crisis is forcing us to care more than ever for the good of those around us because our survival depends on their well-being. We are learning to live like the One who is Us. This crisis/opportunity is forcing all humanity to move to an uncomfortable position of being one with the collective bringing uncertainty and evoking in many a powerful need to reevaluate our internal values and attitudes towards life. The Great Balance invites you during these three days to join the Mamos for moment of contemplation and reunion from our sacred internal portal where the eternal spark of divinity dwells to connect, from our souls and hearts forming a circle of light where the wisdom of the unchangeable laws unites with the whole to balance Mother Earth and humanity as ONE. In the science of the Mamos, the three days around the solstice mark the arrival of the sun from a path of ascension that begins each year on December 31st towards the Sacred House of the Creator. But the sun does not travel alone. It is accompanied by the governors, guardians, and rulers of each element, of all species of animals, plants, and rocks, of the mountains, the breezes, the waters and of everything that exists in nature and on Mother Earth. It is a pilgrimage of all evolution, towards the Kankurwa (the sacred temple), the Portal, the Great House of the Creator, of the Supreme Father, of the Sacred Source, of the Prana, of the Life Force that governs each being, be it a plant, animal or mineral. Upon reaching the Great House the sun sits on its supreme seat to hear how each ruler of the laws and the manifestations of life reports on how they have accomplished their mission related to their task of life for which they were sent from their origin. Humanity also comes to the house in Ánugwe in spirit and essence to detail how we lead our collective existence, as we have stated in the purposes related to the life force that is carried within. That Portal, that Sacred House is the absolute point of existence where there is no past or present, where there is no age, no space, no time, and where fragmentation is absent because only totality and perfection dwell there. The sun remains static, still, during the three days revering life, the manifestation of the sacred, and neutralizing the dual energies that he brought with him. It is a time of full renewal of life, of a new consciousness that is empowering and purificating the core purpose of creative evolution. So, united in the light of individual and collective divinity, all existing forms reach reconciliation, respect for life, harmony with all elemental forms and energies of plants and birds, mountains, breezes, and waters. Members of the humanity can exercise the free will to become instruments of the resonance of love and commitment to the New Era, if they decide so. This decision will allow to radiate love and light, through our co-creator divinity to all friends, the brothers who have become our teachers of life, to the elementals of the forests, rivers, clouds, the planet, the stars, and the cosmos. If we wish, we could take in unison a step towards be One with Life. After the three days, Father Sun begins his path to descend to complete the cycle. And the same ones who accompanied him on his ascent now descend with him renewed, changed, and empowered. This path of descent involves changes like those that are happening right now and that will continue for some time beyond in the future. In this new journey we open our hearts to the powerful energies that these changes are bringing, to embrace them in light and love. Mamos invite us during three days to connect from our hearts to the stationary sunlight to stop on the path of reconciliation before continuing the descending pilgrimage with a new expansion of consciousness to work with the Mamos of the Heart of the World to protect life on the face of the Earth and to consecrate ourselves as the guardians of Mother Earth, guardians of sacred wisdom, of the existence of life, of the clouds, and of the stars, of the mountains. We dedicate ourselves to the service of light to care and to maintain the joy and innocence of children, the protection of the homeless, the displaced and those who have lost everything in the advance of the shadow. We become practitioners of the wisdom that the Mamos possess and know from the ancient times of their ancestors. We pledge to help them to share the sacred mission of teaching this wise legacy to all brothers on earth. We accept and recognize that nothing changes within the divine and universal laws that guide and direct us towards the path of light and love, by accepting our common destiny as humanity. We recognize and accept with a humble heart that the universal laws are embodied in the hearts of all men from the spiritual world. Thus, today united with the Mamos of the SNSM we reconcile with the light, and with the universe to begin the path towards the new dawn, carrying in our hearts the seed of love, hope and renovation. At the dawn of this solstice, we become ONE with the neutral light of the sun in the encounter with Mother Earth, with all the elementals in energy and form of everything that exists on the planet, and in the cosmos to allow the emergence of life through the balance between positive and negative, light and darkness feminine and masculine. We are ONE with duality in the eternal balance of life and love. We respect all wisdom within the totality. Because totality means life, wisdom and nature. Thus, we as the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, declare ourselves ONE with the WHOLE. And we reconcile with universal laws.

So be it, Duni.

Mamo Dwawiku and Mamo Luis Eduardo from the Arhuaco community of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, the Heart of the World Compiled by Amanda Bernal-Carlo, The Great Balance