Singing and Dancing the World into Tune

The Wiwa, as all the ethnic groups of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM), exist to steward Nature. It’s literally the reason they believe they’re alive.

The Wiwa are constantly facing the challenges that other Earth Stewards worldwide face, but there’s a unique component to their work.

They sing clear thinking into the world and, they sing the flora and fauna. No, that’s not a typo. The Teyuna don’t sing to the natural world, they sing the natural world. They sing and play very specific ancient resonances that tune the flora and fauna of Earth, and they dance the Mother calm.

Please listen to the song below with the ears of your heart and let your love for the Mother of Us All flow from your spirit.

For all we know, Earth Stewards are the reason we’re still here, why Earth hasn’t given us the final boot yet.

The Teyuna Foundation supports the people of the SNSM, the Arhuaco, Kogi, Kankuamo and Wiwa, because we feel they and other Earth Stewards worldwide are our last and greatest hope.

If we don’t learn to respect and care for Mother Nature we may cease to exist, and soon. As Wiwa Zaga Josephina said on our tour last summer, “The Mother is going to close her legs, for good.”

Pictured here are the Magushui Wiwa Teyuna of the SNSM, one of Mother Nature’s Defense Teams. They  defend and guard the SNSM in the Heart of the World. Two of the biggest challenges they face are  deforestation (Colombia is currently #1 in deforestation) and illegal mining in their ancestral territory. 

“The father Gonduashi left us a message that we have to cancel the debts for all humanity. The mamos have to concentrate to purify the world.

We gave tribute here in this lagoon [location of above image] to  revive the heart of nature. 

That is why the mamos have to concentrate, to daily cancel the debts with spiritual money. We work daily and we work hard to cancel all debts to sustain the environment and nature in the world and all the spaces connected to keep advancing in this healing process. 

We ask the little brothers to help spiritually, we have to cancel all debts in sacred spaces. This is a message of the Sierra Nevada to the world. Brothers understand that we are working extremely hard to sustain the flora and fauna of the world.”

Translated from Spanish (not the Wiwa’s native language). Below is the original message.

Bueno días, los mamo de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia estamos recorriendo en el costa caribe aciendo el pagamento espiritual en el sitio sagrado que es Madre de Haire para prevenir que la infermedad no recorra mucho así que Serankua noscuide todas las unidades bueno que estemos en diferentes lugares del mundo pidiendo perdón cancelando la deuda espiritual conectando con la Madre y Padre Gonduashi .

Gonduashi es padre de axigeno aire hoi estamos recorriendo asiendo el gran esfuerzo para este sitio se encuentran en Barranquilla gracias a serankua estamos trabajando incansable mente para prevenir la buen hernerjia para la humanidad y naturaleza del mundo. – Wiwa Leader Elias Barros

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