Empowered Thoughts=Empowered Actions

Your donations support our shared community, Earth. 

The mamos and zagas would like to thank you for helping to make the recorrido possible and are generously offering thank you gifts based on your level of support. Offerings include: consultations and remote healings, invitations to work with them in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia, fabric woven by the mamos and infused with their consciousness, traditional mochilas woven by powerful zagas and infused with their energy, and trees planted in your name.




  • Earth Stewards from $27.00 thank you for lending your helping hand
  • Friends from $700.00 thank you for standing with us
  •  Advocates from $1400.00 thank you for walking in harmony with us
  • Supporters from $4,000.00 thank you for uplifting us
  • Sustainers from $10,000 thank you for making it possible to continue to serve Our Mother 
  •  Benefactors from $14,000 you give us immense hope for the future of Earth
  •  Caretakers from $22,000 thank you for sharing your passion for our survival. 

We welcome all contribution as connection.  

FOR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS please donate through our mentor organization MANITOU who has just raised $104,000.00 for the Teyuna!

The Teyuna Foundation has filed for 510(c)(3) status. We can, while our application is being reviewed, accept tax deductible donations according to IRS publication 4220 (click to view)but unless you are a tax exempt organization don’t. We see no reason why we’ll be denied, but just in case, if you need the write off , donate through MANITOU. 

If you’re not filing a Schedule A with your tax return, please donate using the button below.

Thank you so much for your support.

Walking with you in Harmony,