Paint for the Sun

Play music for the rivers, dance for the trees, paint for the sun, express yourself as love in art and offer your art as the most authentic form of service for Earth.

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Mark & Doug of Crestone Films kindly put together a 90 second video for the application. It features Mamo Dodoringumu's message on behalf the of the people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to Crestone, Colorado.

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Integrating Western Science and Teyuna Tradition: Fundraising and Philly Tour

We are honored to announce a pioneering research initiative (ongoing) and the Philadelphia tour of the Teyuna in September. From the "Heart of the World" to the City of Brotherly Love, learn and heal with spiritual leaders of the Teyuna, Mamos Priests and a Zaga Priestess. We are deeply honored to share that this is the first time in history a Teyuna Zaga will be in the US! Join us for this unprecedented moment in time.

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