Lighting the Darkness

Women are sacred to the Teyuna. They are a living example of the power of love and the creators of life. They are revered for lighting the darkness and represent all that is. 

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From the Heart Land to the Heart of the All That Is and Headed East

It's been magical to spend time in the field of mamo consciousness, a state-of-being beyond the confines of self. Teyuna mamos (male) and zagas (female) are trees, rocks, rivers and all of the elements at once. We all are, but most of us don't live that ideal. Finding my way through that terrain has been a life-long process, and it will continue.

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Memorandum by Hanne Strong and James O'Dea

Your heart is not your own. Ownership is an attribute of mind. There is only one heart in the whole universe. It is the same heart experienced in different degrees by all life. A New Earth is possible when we drop into the freedom of our shared heart. But if we stay on the balcony of the mind - we will only end up painting the same old wounds on a dark and crowded canvas of the future.- James O'Dea

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