Waters Through a Clear Glass Kaleidoscope

A major message from the waters is this: the intricate weaving of details, Life’s gifts, make up a magnificent Beauty that holds and relies upon the well-being of all the parts; this tapestry of Beauty is Life’s offering, inviting us humans to see and experience our own collective and personal part in this Beauty.

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How We Can Light That Candle and Keep Going

"Humanity is being invited to participate in a great opportunity at this time: to unite. To see very clearly that we are all one."

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Solstice Blessings

Today Sun breathes his last breath. That he will choose rebirth is never taken for granted. The Mamos and Zagas will spend the day doing pagamento (payment), thanking Sun for sustaining life on this planet, for loving Earth. They'll offer burial rights and tomorrow, in all likelihood they'll greet the dawn and welcome a newborn celestial body with abundant birthday gifts. Such offerings are primal but not primitive.

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