Springing in Consciousness

The Kogi who live in the area moved from higher elevations in order to nurture land that has suffered maltreatment. As keepers of Earth's origin, or Se, the sacred teachings of harmony and balance woven into the material and spiritual fabric of Heart of the World, they considered it their duty to do so. It's very important that the Kogi are able to rebuild to continue their pagamento (remuneration to Earth for what we take from Her) in Nuanezhaka to spark hope and strength, so needed in these times.

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Up and up he went until finally, he became the sun.

Once there was a beautiful boy who dedicated himself to sharing the pure loving thoughts that poured eloquently from him through his birdsong voice. Everyone who met him was so happy and felt so touched by his words. He walked, and walked, and talked and talked, until one day he stopped. It occurred to him that what he was sharing would never be enough. No language could adequately express what he felt in his heart. In that moment, in that revelation, he closed his eyes, and began to rise upward. Up and up he went until finally, he became the sun. Since that day, he hasn't spoken, he only reflects what he is.

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Happy Birthday Father Sun

As in Albert Einstein's famous quote, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another, ” the sun, like love, like our own sun fire spirit, though never extinguished, is always changing and ever igniting into infinite possibility. 

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