Holding Space for Earth Jan 26 and Feb 2

True listening is letting go of a need to respond and hearing what wants to be said. Attention, focused on whatever is happening in the moment, connects you to the flow of affirming nature. The Teyuna say to truly hear you have to listen with the ears of the heart.  Being Compassionate Being a loving presence. Just intending to be a loving presence eases pain and exudes safety or guardianship. It says I'm here, and you are fully supported. Compassion is embracing acceptance, discerning rather than judging and intending without attaching to position.

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Honoring Earth

One of the definitions of Teyuna is "thinker of clear thoughts". Thoughts and actions affect the health and well-being of the flora and fauna of Earth and reverberate in the cosmos. Clear, high vibrational thoughts promote health, balance and peace. Your thoughts make a difference. You make a difference.

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World-Wide Pagamento February 2, 2022

The Mamos and Zagas have been directly communicating with the planet for millenniums. Veins on a tree leaf in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta give them information about what is happening in a forest in Sweden. The soil talks to them, they hear the water sing and the wind whispers messages from the moors to the highest peaks. The firelight shows them what is unseen. Our thoughts and actions affect the health and well-being of the flora and fauna of the planet and reverberate in the cosmos. Earth needs you to understand that - body, soul and spirit. You make a difference in the world, for the worlds.

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