The Things I’ve Learned From The Mamos

I learned to Trust by fully living in the present moment. The Mamos are living examples of what Trust really means. They live in the present moment completely supported by the Earth and nourished by their own love to the Planet, therefore they are always ready to take care of whatever arises.

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The Housatonic

Water, like all of nature is able to communicate what's needed for Her health, but most of us don't speak Her language. The mamos do. When we spend time with them we seed the awareness that helps us hear Mother Nature's voice and when we tune into the listening we develop a new connection to our own true nature as well.

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The Healing Benefits of Pagamento

The Mamos see you as an interconnected individual within the natural environment, the Planet and the weaving of human society, as well as within your personal environment, comprised of your family, your work and the place on Earth where you live.

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