Cuppa and Worldwide Pagamento this weekend


Dear Friends,

In just a few days, on Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, in conjunction with events and an exhibit of indigenous arts at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin, Colombia, people around the world will join in Worldwide Pagamento to share positive energy for peace internally, throughout the human experience, and to embrace all that is. Join us TONIGHT for our weekly Teyuna Foundation Cuppa at 6:30PM Mountain Standard time as we prepare for our important and inspiring weekend.

Please link here to view our first Worldwide Pagamento and primers on pagamento before the events.

We’ve created two events in order to encourage participation in all continents of the world. Please share!

Also this weekend at MAAM, partners of Teyuna Foundation will be premiering shorts of Askuncha Shetamoro, The Lost Objects,  Link here to view the beautiful preview on YouTube.

Spiritual leaders joining us from the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin, Colombia:


  • Wiwa Mamo Seshankwa
  • Kubeo Mayor Edgar Gutierrez Ramirez, spiritual leader, Bakata
  • Wanano Yuri Mileydi Mejia (youth coordinador, Opiac)
  • Kubeo Mayor Betty Lopera Silva
  • Inga Waira Nina Jacanamijoy, artist and spiritual leader, San Jose Fragua, Caqueta.
  • Fabio Garcia, co-founder of Shinawindua and Shetamoro. Director and Producer of Askuncha Shetamoro (The Lost Object)
  • Arhuaco Jaison Perez Villafana
  • Yanakuna Jhonatan Palacios, Indigenous Intercultural University of Cauca
  • Misak Eyder Calambas Trochez, artist and member of the Wiwa Yaku Ancestral Council
  • Phuyu Uma, artist and member of the Ancestral Wiwa Yaku Council
  • Misak Mayor Clementina Trochez Tombe
  • Yanakuna Mayor Suyany Chincagana
  • Gunadule Amelicia Santacruz