The Housatonic

Mamo Senchina leads the wayOur last pagamento in the Berkshires was for the Housatonic River, a river badly polluted with  polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s).

Over 30 people registered and attended the sunrise pagamento that started st sunrise – on a Saturday. It was deeply touching to see so many people so concerned about the water and so open to exploring the possibility of energetic cleansing for Her.

Water, like all of nature is able to communicate what’s needed for Her health, but most of us don’t speak Her language. The mamos do. When we spend time with them we seed the awareness that helps us hear Mother Nature’s voice and when we tune into the listening we develop a new connection to our own true nature as well.

When the mamos spoke to the Housatonic, She told them that she wanted music, dance and story.

So, we danced and the mamos and those who had instruments played and the mamos told stories to honor the river. We gave the river our love, attention and intention for 5 hours and we completed when the mamos communicated that our offering had been well and fully received. 

We all felt the change in the environment. The sun seemed to shine brighter, glistening on the water with zeal, more birds were singing and many dragonflies and butterflies had joined our group. It seemed that they, the flowers, the trees, all of us, felt happy and at peace.

If anyone knows who tests the river, it would be very interesting to see a before and after in the water quality. Please be in touch if you have any information about that.

It was so beautiful. Thank you mamos, thank you To all who attended. Thank you so much.