Stillness, Paying Attention, the Heart, Love, Silence and Pagamento

Listening deeply into the words of the Mamos as they speak of the Equinox, and the Water Pagamentos, I hear nature vibrating within the words. I hear the stones vibrate with the consciousness of life, the web of life that unites all life on this planet. I hear the bird sing the pure note at my door, in the tree. Its vibration is bird, and bird is part of the earth vibration and these are the ways we listen, we deepen, we attune, we hear, we know.

When my daily mind listens to the class transcription I always weep, as the pain of separation created by the barriers of my thought, of relational thinking, of time apart, falls away and I return to my heart again, re-attuning, returning to where wisdom lives, where love is.

Here are some of the themes I am hearing as I read and listen to the classes from 2019.

Silence/stillness/Paying attention
The Mamos have learned to still their minds, to pay deep attention, to weigh their words, to weave their words with the words of others to harmonize. They stand in direct relationship to the Mother, having been taught since the beginning about beginnings. These beginnings are the vibrational heart, the essence of what is – the Bee, the Tree, the Bird, the Avocado.  Each has its song, the song is the vibrational, creational reality. Singing this song awakens consciousness of how these things live, how they exist in their unique way. We as Little Brother/Little Sister are distracted.  Let’s listen to the Mamos speak of how to listen, how all of Nature is speaking, that there is a great Harmony, there is a Great Balance of love and life and that we can return to this balance by returning to our hearts.

The Heart
We in the “West” have so much information, so many thoughts, ideas of what to do and not to do. We have so much “knowledge” of how the earth is endangered, how Little Brother/Little Sister is making a mess of Nature, destroying in ignorance. But we have so little actual understanding about how to connect to ourselves, to Nature, to Each Other. How to remember who we are.

I believe words written and spoken hold magic. As the mamos share their stories, their practices, their origin, their wisdom about Mother Nature, these words can awaken hearts and inspiration in others.  It is through the heart that we can change, and the heart that can season the mind.

Love, Silence

The lessons of these classes come back again and again to love, to respect, to the silence, to balance, to honoring, to listening, to tuning ourselves like tuning forks to our our spiritual natures and from there, spiraling out, to our greater innately unbroken relationship to the Mother.  We are never not her children, only in our minds.  So it is healing our minds by returning to our hearts.

I believe people need a way to help, to feel they are helping, the Mother, themselves, each other, this Life Fabric. When I read / listen to the descriptions of how the Mamos discuss the essence of, and the practice of, these pacamentos, I see many people benefiting, I see many people offering their help to others, to the Mother, to restoring the act of, the intention of – reciprocity through payment, through giving back, and through receiving the goodness that comes with this giving.  A rebalancing.  Being in gratitude.

Thank you, Mamos, for listening to these words.

Suzanne Miller