Springing in Consciousness

Happy Equinox.

On this first day of spring we’re celebrating a full moon, spring bloom and opportunity to do pagamento for the Kogi of Nuanezhaka 

Nuanezhaka is the sacred birthplace of amphibians and reptiles, the most ancient creatures to inhabit Earth. To the Teyuna, the area is critical to the survival of all air-breathing life. Frogs are especially revered by the Teyuna as symbols of fertility, sacred knowledge, consciousness, ancestral music and hope. Frogs, found on every continent except Antarctica, are known barometers of environmental health due to their extreme sensitivity to air and water quality and climate change. An absence of frogs indicates a serious ecological imbalance.

Neuron Forest by Greg Dunn

Reptiles and amphibians are  a vital element in a network of inter-connectivity. Trees are said to receive and transmit messages from them worldwide. This can be likened to our bodies method of transferring information from neurons in our brains to other neurons, glands and muscles if we think of our neurons as tree branches. The Teyuna are one of the last cultures on earth who have the knowledge to interpret this information.

While any biologist can give us specifics about the health of an area based on it’s amphibian life, the Teyuna are known to participate in healing imbalance using their unique energetic exchange. When Nuanezhaka is not cared for it’s as if part of Mother Earth’s brain is missing.

Nuanezhaka villagers; re-build underway
Kogi Zaga (Female Spiritual Leader) of Nuanezhaka

Unfortunately, most of the Kogi’s homes in Nuanezhaka were destroyed in recent fires.

We are seeking funding for the re-building of 20 traditional homes and 1 Nujué (female ceremonial house). Nuanezhaka is one of three new Kogi communities located on the north side of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta facing the Caribbean Sea in an area known as Mamey, in the municipality of Dibulla, Colombia. They were founded on May 12, 2018, when 30 hectares of land privately owned since colonization was returned to them. The communities house 102 Kogi families comprised of 434 inhabitants, including 93 children under 15 years of age.

The Kogi who live in the area moved from higher elevations in order to nurture land that has suffered maltreatment. As keepers of Earth’s origin, or Se, the sacred teachings of harmony and balance woven into the material and spiritual fabric of Heart of the World, they considered it their duty to do so. It’s very important that the Kogi are able to rebuild to continue their pagamento (remuneration to Earth for what we take from Her) in Nuanezhaka to spark hope and strength, so needed in these times.

Mamo Luka (Male Spiritual Leader) of Nuanezhaka

Please support the Kogi of Nuanezhaka in their efforts to communicate with Mother Nature on behalf of humanity. Support them in saying “We acknowledge your sacredness, we are here, paying you back for the crimes humanity has perpetrated, we are helping you to thrive again in this place.”

Your donation is pagamento. Each family needs a contribution of only $600.00 to re-build. Please participate in re-establishing the health of this natural environment and energetically assure forward motion in sustainability by encouraging water to flow and seeds to grow.

Click on the link below to donate by credit card or send a check directly to our bank (please email us for full proposal and bank information). Thank you so much for your support.