Solstice Blessings

Today Sun breathes his last breath. That he will choose rebirth is never taken for granted. The Mamos and Zagas will spend the day doing pagamento (payment), thanking Sun for sustaining life on this planet, for loving Earth. They’ll offer burial rights and tomorrow, in all likelihood they’ll greet the dawn and welcome a newborn celestial body with abundant birthday gifts. Such offerings are primal but not primitive.

In primal appreciation of the Teyuna, Mother Nature’s Life-Long Stewards, that I invite you to share your light. Love is Sun’s nature. Love is why He gives, and why we all give. Love is the unquestionable answer. Love is why we wake up each morning and offer our radiance. Love is our give and whether we know it like the Teyuna or not, it’s the reason we exist.

Our fundamental drive as humans is to give in a way that feels important. I see no more authentic hope for our planet than the Mamos and Zagas who by their sacred commitment to life communicate directly with rivers, sacred sites and our last remaining wild lands on behalf of all life.

As the Teyuna Spiritual Leaders tirelessly follow instructions whispered to them on the wind, viewed in clouds, on tree leaves and in rocks, and sung by rivers, they may well be the selfless glue that holds Earth together, that keeps Her in balance. Who is more selfless then someone who exists solely to give? What better gift can we give then one that supports them to do their work for all of us? If you have a better cause to give to, please let me know because I’ll want to give to that one too.

“A single person is enough to fill the whole universe with love, just as a single pebble can fill the whole lake with ripples – a small pebble”– Osho 

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