Rain. Beautiful Rain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Aluna (consciousness) for putting the Teyuna (thinkers of the clear thoughts) in my path.

4 mamos and 2 zagas, male and female spiritual leaders of the Teyuna people in Colombia, traveled over 24 hours in 2 days by bus to do pagamento, their sacred service for the California fires and fires worldwide.

Tomorrow its going to rain here in California where we’ve been living in apocalyptic conditions for weeks. I don’t believe in coincidence. Thank you mamos, thank you zagas for the work you do to support Earth.

Literally pagamento means payment. The opportunity to financially contribute to the efforts of the people who exist solely to care for the Mother of us all is a gift. Is there a better investment, a greater cause than supporting people whose lives have been dedicated to serving our planet since time immemorial? 

Bocas de Ceniza
Volcan del Totumo


Rain. Beautiful Rain.