Launching the Bunshanduna School of Ancestral Wisdom

Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka
Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka

We are particles of Mother Nature. She sings us from The Origin, the space where nothingness meets pure, creative thought. She is always singing. Song is the language She uses to teach us and speak to us. Her teachings are the sounds of springs, oceans, rivers, rain, wind, birds, frogs, toads, and all life. She sings us food and protection, life-force energy and good health for our mental (soul), physical and spiritual bodies.

It’s important to answer Her song with our song.  Song keeps the balance between us and Her. Song is the reason we remain here on Earth. If we didn’t sing to Her, nature would die. When seeds are born damaged, or Earth descends in an avalanche, when trees die, when water dries up, it is because people are not singing.

“Singing us” is not a typo. It was intentional not to place the word “to” between singing and us. The Teyuna do not sing to nature, they sing nature, meaning they sing life into existence and maintain life’s existence through song. Each animal, plant or element has a song and when we learn life’s songs we can tune to our highest potential, be free to live happy, healthy lives and do our part to nurture the nature that supports all life on this planet. We can even connect with the cosmos through the songs of stars and planets.

It is the primary mission of the Teyuna Foundation to provide a space where the Teyuna Mamos and Zagas can share the Original Principals with those who wish to come into a deeper, clearer and more intimate understanding of how to nurture relationship and reciprocity with nature, including their own.

We are very honored to announce that The Bunshadua School of Ancestral Wisdom will commence it’s first semester Thursday September 16. We will meet weekly from 2:00-3:30PM Colombia time on Thursdays September 16; 23; 30; October 7; 14; 21; 28 and December 4;11 and 18.

Our first class will be with Mamma Senshina and Habba Ulaka. Throughout the semester we will also receive teachings from Mamma Sheshankua and Abu Santa. We will start at the beginning, with the song of Se, harmony, the primary universal law and we will focus on Teyuna music throughout the semester.

We suggest a donation of $450.00 for the 10 session semester.    

We look forward to seeing you soon.