Integrating Western Science and Teyuna Tradition: Fundraising and Philly Tour

It’s official! We are deeply honored and excited to share two enormous blessings upon us:

  1. Pioneering Research Initiative: Today we officially launch fundraising for our research initiative that leverages the highest standards of Western science methods to study and support understanding of traditional Teyuna healing practices.
  1. Philadelphia Tour: The Teyuna will be on tour in Philadelphia, PA from September 5-8, 2019. Join the Mamos (Teyuna Priests) & for the first time in history a Zaga (Teyuna Priestess) as they travel from the Heart of the World to the City of Brotherly Love!




With recent travels in the United States, the Mamos have been able to share their teaching, healing and stewardship across many communities. They have been able to connect deeply with humans who are eager to help further sow & grow these seeds of wisdom. Enormous thanks to all of you for your continued support of the mission!

  1. Research & Fundraising Opportunities

Now is an exciting time in the Teyuna people’s journey of promoting greater consciousness and earth stewardship around the planet.

This fundraising effort is designed to support all aspects of the Teyuna’s mission through a research pilot study adhering to top standards of Western science. The aim of the study is to generate knowledge into the power of the Teyuna’s traditional healing practices that is directly translatable to Western audiences.

With your support, we can ensure the most powerful & comprehensive study of the Teyuna’s work. Visit our fundraising site to see the many ways that you can contribute & even receive gifts of gratitude for your donations!

  1. Philadelphia Tour-

Join the Teyuna for 4 powerful days of talks & workshops, including the September 8th healing ceremony that will be the first step of the research project! See below for the overview of events, and keep in mind that this is the first time in history that a Zaga (or Teyuna Priestess) will be sharing wisdom and healing in the United States. Take advantage of this unprecedented moment.


Philly Events:


Visit Eventbrite for more details.


How can you be involved?


Click here to join us at the Philadelphia Tour fundraising events, sign up for an Individual Remote Healing Session, and/or a four-month Earth Stewardship Online Community Program; all in relationship with the Mamos!

Walking in Harmony,

Teyuna Foundation Team