Appreciating the Power of Teyuna Healing

The Teyuna are dedicated to restoring balance to the planet, healing Mother Nature, and promoting greater communities of Earth Stewardship.

Help us to promote deeper understanding of the Teyuna wisdom in practice, including the union of the sacred and the ecological. This program adopts a careful, integrative approach that prioritizes the ancient Teyuna knowledge and helps the rest of the world to appreciate their power to heal environments & communities.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Check out the 4 immediate ways you can support the Teyuna.  Full campaign and research details follow.





This is the first time the Teyuna will ever be in Philadelphia.  Also, this is the first time in history that a Teyuna zaga (or female spiritual leader) will be traveling in the United States!

In Philadelphia the Teyuna are offering four powerful events:


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And consider treating yourself to the full Philadelphia experience (all 4 events) to receive a discounted ticket price!

Out-of-towners, email if you are interested in a free camping site being made available by Philadelphia locals or other potential local places to stay.



For anyone anywhere on the planet.  Especially for this campaign, there are just 22 of these powerful healings available.

You as an individual will get to work remotely with 4 Teyuna mamos in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Columbia over a series of time.  See below for more details, and click here to sign up.



Sign-up for the first-ever Mamo-led Earth Stewardship Online Community Class!  This course is for anyone on the planet looking to dive more deeply into their own healing practices for the earth, waters and communities.

This course meets online over 4 months and affords participants 12 hours of live interaction and wisdom sharing with the Mamos.  Click here for more details & to purchase tickets.



Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

Note: Teyuna Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations from this campaign go to the research program and directly supporting the work of the Teyuna.


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Full Details of Individual Remote Healings
Research Program
Why We Are Starting in Philadelphia


Mamos performing pagamento
Mamos performing pagamento



You can be one of 22 people to take advantage of these special healing opportunities!

The session includes:

  • A planning phone call where you will establish your intended healing issue.  Phone call will be with Ginny Villaraga, a leader within the Teyuna Foundation and interpreter for the Teyuna.
  • Ginny will consult with the mamos.  The mamos then will conduct the remote healing grounded in the Sierra Nevada and report back to Ginny what they have learned in their process.
  • A second phone with Ginny where you discuss insights from the mamos.


Each session is US$444.00.

The Teyuna mamos receive all compensation minus Ginny’s time. We are partnered with dharma Merchant Services as our card processor. The hyperlinks will take you to MX Merchant which dharma Merchant Services uses to manage payments.

Please note: In some situations, the mamos might determine that they need to conduct an actual earth healing ceremony at specific sites within the Sierra Nevada to complete your healing work.  In these situations, there can be additional cost to cover the mamos’ travel and ceremonial expenses. Costs of additional services would need to be covered by the person seeking healing.


Click here to sign up!

Please be sure to include contact information to enable session scheduling.  If you have any issues or questions, please contact



This program is exploring the diverse environmental and community impacts of Teyuna healing practices. We aim to generate deeper understanding of the union of the sacred and ecological. Our approach is careful and integrative so that the rest of the world can appreciate the power of the Teyuna wisdom in practice.

We see this inclusive approach as fundamental to growing awareness and support for the Teyuna. To be successful, we are upholding the highest standards of scientific practice & working with a dedicated, respected research community.

This research initiative has 4 main phases that require funding to cover expenses ranging from travel to top quality lab analysis. As our campaign raises more funds, we will be able to advance through the research phases and add additional sites for healing and learning.

Phase 1 – Philadelphia Water Healing Site: Study of the effects of the water healing that the mamos will be conducting in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, September 8th. (You also could attend this event!) Costs also include travel expenses to bring the mamos and a zaga to Philadelphia.

Phase 2 – Corresponding Sierra Nevada Healing Site: According to Teyuna cosmology, the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada are the micro-cosmos of the entire planet. As such, every healing that the mamos do outside of the Sierra Nevada has to be balanced with a healing at the corresponding “twin site” within the Sierra. This second phase of research will study the healing at the twin site within the Sierra Nevada and will require funds to arrange for travel and the same high standard of data collection (this time in Columbia).

Phase 3 – Deepening Knowledge of Philadelphia Site: With additional funds, the study can become more robust and compelling by studying the water changes at the original site over a longer period of time and at more frequent intervals.

Phase 4 – Adding New Research Sites: Extending the research to additional sites is an important part of replicating results and enhancing scientific power. Any new site of a healing ceremony will require funding to: bring the Teyuna back to the United States, conduct and measure their healings at the new site, and then conduct and measure their healings at the new corresponding “twin site” in the Sierra Nevada. In effect, for every new site of healing in the US, we have to have sufficient funds to repeat research phases 1 & 2 above.

Join us in supporting this virtuous cycle of healing, research, learning and community!



Philadelphia is famous in US history for many firsts: first public library, first hospital, first volunteer fire department, the Nation’s first capital. But did you know that Philadelphia is also the home of the first municipal water system in the United States and one of the first municipal water systems in the world?

Fascinating Fact: “The Philadelphia Water Works, an engineering marvel, began operation in 1799, and during the 19th Century, the Water Works was the second most popular tourist site in the United States after Niagara Falls”

To this day, Philadelphia is recognized around the globe as a city committed to water delivery as a civic responsibility. The city is a hub of internationally respected research laboratories, facilities, universities, pioneering scientists, practitioners, and activists. It also has a deep legacy in designing with Nature as opposed to designing in domination of Nature.

Finally, well before Philadelphia was founded, the lands and waters of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers were being cared for by Native Americans such as the Nentego and Lenape families who continue to dedicate themselves to healing the waters of the region.

We are thrilled to begin this research journey in communion with the many fine people and lands of Philadelphia. We also look forward to raising the funds to continue developing and expanding this work to other locations around the world.





Final Note: Four is the most sacred number in Teyuna cosmology and a powerful symbol of the universe, unity and community.  The Teyuna believe in four universal aspects for how to live well on the planet and to serve the Mother, and the four tribes work together to balance these aspects.

You will notice the number four in our events to invoke this number’s sacred power and further support the Teyuna.