Dugunabi and the Ants

In the beginning and for an age, there were 7 ants in the Heart of the World. The 7 decided that their population would never grow. They would protect their resources and each other and let no other ants invade their territory. 

Every day, when the sun came up, the 7 counted. They had long ago decided that if there happened to be another, the newcomer would be eliminated. 

Now, Dugunabi, was a very powerful being with a very curious nature. Dugunabi wondered and pondered and pondered and wondered. What was going on? Why only 7? So one night he turned himself into an ant and crawled into the nest with the 7. He expected to do all of his research under the cover of night, but he fell asleep and overslept, so as the sun came up and the ants were counting they discovered him.

The 7 knew right away that Dugunabi was the outsider. He didn’t look exactly the same. His color was a little different. The 7 began to move toward Dugunabi intent on killing him!

Just before the 7 reached him Dugunabi shape-shifted into a very large being and used his mystical powers to make an infinite amount of ants. The ants were never again able to count their numbers.

A full, balanced and peaceful existence requires us to embrace diversity and think of all beings as one. We must work together and grow compassion for each other. We must know that when we are kind and loving all benefit.

Ants work as a unit with a common purpose. We must learn to do the same. Where are our limitations in how we see the world and how can we move away from individual vision to consider the collective?

In August we’ll be launching classes with the mamos via zoom, from Tutumluangaga, the place where Duganabi had his 1st experience – where he found non-human beings who had instruments that brought thoughts immediately into existence.  Dugunabi thought and his thoughts appeared before him in full physical form!