After Sun Dance

It was a miraculous honor to Sun Dance in South Dakota. Now back in the Great Lakes Area getting ready for the water training starts in less then 2 weeks, I wanted to post this view of the river from the indoor/outdoor porch of the private house where we’ll be hosted. Can you see the river through the trees? Imagine a Red-Tailed Hawk circling above (because there often is) and today I saw a Bald Eagle. Just magical. 

Before I left for Sun Dance I’d been meditating with the mamos for weeks on the inner- planes as they prepared for the water training. The rules for Sun Dancers are no food, no water for 4 days. I was fine. It was like I could focus on the element of water and somehow grow water in my body. I didn’t suffer until literally the last few hours – and the water training has yet to begin so I can only imagine with a good deal of excitement, what we’re in for.

If you know anyone who’s life’s work is caring for the water on this planet please do them the favor of putting them in touch. People have to apply for admission and be fully committed to join. The mamos are very serious about having the right people here in St. Charles, Illinois; July 10-21. Five Teyuna – 4 CTC mamos, the general secretary of the CTC, and Nakota Chief Iron Eagle will be here with us. Assuming full enrollment that’s one Master Teacher to every two participants. Serious applicants please fill out the contact form on the website.