For hundreds of generations spiritual leaders from The Heart of the World have been  caring for EArth. This is an opportunity to gather and experience Aluna, universal consciousness, with them.


Planetary and Personal Healing with the last pre-Colombian people on Earth, people who believe they exist to care for Earth. The opportunity to experience these teachings in this way is unprecedented.

As of now, due to the current pandemic, we have cancelled our tour. We had some interesting events planned in the United States at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and at Hollyhock on Cortes Island in Canada.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at those locations and others when next we gather.


Meanwhile, online classes launching soon.


Mamos and Zagas (male and female spiritual leaders, respectively) from the Heart of the World, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia (SNSM) share experiences of The Great Harmony () and the Universal Consciousness (Aluna) and how such wisdom intersects with our Water, Mountains, Rocks and Air. You can be present and contributing at this pioneering moment in time.

In unbroken lineage for over a millennia, Mamos and Zagas belonging to the planet’s last pre-Columbian people have undergone life-long training in Earth stewardship. They hold the Feminine as absolutely sacred. They communicate directly with Mother Nature and minister to living beings, elements and plants in ecosystems worldwide through pagamento, literally payment to Mother Earth for her constant and abundant gifts. Pagemento has mitigated drought, prevented disease in flora and fauna, calmed storms and prevented disaster worldwide since time immemorial.

Mamos and Zagas see you through the Mother’s eyes as an interconnected individual within the natural environment, not as something separate from it. With compassion and without judgment they instantly access and clear dis-ease, bringing you into harmony in spirit/mind/body. They treat holistically, meaning they heal our relationship to all of Nature, including personal environment (the physical space you live and work in, and all those you interact with).

Attending a workshop with the Teyuna has a butterfly effect that resonates from your physical placement on the planet to the Sacred Mountain of the SNSM, and resonates world-wide. People feel a sense of hope and connection that is unprecedented. Energy is re-aligned and an opening that offers us the freedom to be our unique and universal selves fully is facilitated.

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