The Origin Song




We just completed our first semester of Wisdom School via zoom. It was a deep, rich and intimate honor to spend time with Abu Santa, Habba Ulaka and Hatè Senshina, three of the most knowledgeable lineage holders in the Kogi and Wiwa cultures. 

We were gifted with several songs, dances and healings that gave us the ability to connect even more deeply with the elements and positive thought.

The Elders also shared wisdom; gave consultations and performed profound healings on our bodies and souls as we sat next to them in the space of sewa, the space of the heart.

Dancing with Mother Nature balanced our nervous systems.

The Elders spent the first 6-7 years of their training learning their origin songs. Learning one song intimately and intricately attuned them to the highest and clearest level of direct connection to Mother Nature and the cosmos, a now extremely rare ability unique to their cultures.

They sung us the song of our origin and we will continue to learn it for years to come growing our connection to all that is in ways we never dreamed possible.

Thank you so much Abu Santa, Habba Ulaka, Hatè Senshina, Martin, Santiago and Gabriel and everyone who joined our family this semester.

We invite you to join us next semester and you can view all class recordings on our website.

Today is “Giving Tuesday.” Would you be willing to take a moment to help us continue this work and support Elders who spend their days and nights caring for Mother Nature by clicking this link or clicking on the “Giving Tuesday” images in this post?

For the Teyuna every day is “Giving Tuesday”. Giving is the greatest gift any being can give another.

Comments from the participants:

Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful songs and dances. Thank you for holding them true for all of time and for always tending as you do to the beautiful planet.

Thank you – so very much gratitude for your profound teachings! I really have experienced shifts toward maintaining positive thinking, and catching and redirecting then when they arise.

Thank you for being so generous with us and for guiding and teaching us. Bowing with respect and deep gratitude.

Deepest gratitude and blessings to all. Feeling so blessed to be in this circle and for all the teachings, love and cleansings.

Thank us for creating this sacred space!