Waters Through a Clear Glass Kaleidoscope

I received these beautiful images from David Levy by email and by his permission am sharing his inspiration with you all. It’s so meaningful for us to hear how the transmissions you’ve received from the Teyuna Mamos and Zagas enrich your life.  Thank you David!

Greetings to the Mamos, Zagas, and supportive friends. I met some of you when the Teyuna presented at Old Dutch Church in Kingston, New York.  Soon thereafter, we met again at a park where Indigenous Elders and teachers offered a few days of inspiring lessons.
 I was very touched by your concerns and messages.
I just revisited a film, “Aluna”. I realized a very significant connection. Since January 1st, 2020, I have been “called” to visit a flowing creek in our neighborhood. I have been gazing at the waters through a clear-glass kaleidoscope, then photographing through the kaleidoscope. I began to sense that the waters were “speaking” to me, revealing stories, warnings, and greetings. Sometimes there are figures and insect presences.

A major message from the waters is this: the intricate weaving of details, Life’s gifts, make up a magnificent Beauty that holds and relies upon the well-being of all the parts; this tapestry of Beauty is Life’s offering, inviting us humans to see and experience our own collective and personal part in this Beauty. We are not separate observers of this Beauty. We are Beauty observing the wholeness of this Life. Our eyes and our hearts are connecting threads in this Tapestry. I sense that the visual stories revealed by and through the flowing waters are arising in harmony with my own inner life; hence, inner harmony and peaceful quiet receive stories of exquisite Beauty, and inner fears and restlessness receive stories of fierce Beauty.
Almost daily I visit the creek. This has become my “church”, and the photographs a form of prayer. Time of day, angle of the sun, season, and sky colors all weave into a tapestry of stories. I imagine that as you read this, and gaze upon the photographs, you may share in these prayers.