Honoring Earth

The Teyuna (Tayrona) Elders have been mitigating natural disasters and helping Earth sustain or return to a state of harmony for thousands of years via an action they call pagamento.

On February 2 they’d like the world to join them.

Literally translated from Spanish to English, pagamento means payment, but it’s more than that. It’s a refreshing, rewarding and healing way to connect to nature, including our own. It’s an active meditation whereby the Teyuna listen to and converse with Mother Earth. They ask for forgiveness on behalf of humanity for harm done to the planet’s body, soul and spirit. Ideas for reconciliation are discussed and solutions are implemented.

Pagamento gives us the opportunity to experience empathy and compassion from a truly non-dual perspective. It’s being there for Earth as a being. It’s holding space for oneness.

We’re offering 2, 90 minute bilingual (45 minutes in Spanish followed by 45 minutes in English) gatherings on pagamento on January 19 and 26 so that we can make the best outcome possible on February 2.

Connect to the original non-dual practitioners
Come together as a human family to support Earth and experience growth collectively and globally on an unprecedented scale
Experience forgiveness, compassion and balance in an unconditional and distinctly potent way

One of the definitions of Teyuna is “thinker of clear thoughts”. Thoughts and actions affect the health and well-being of the flora and fauna of Earth and reverberate in the cosmos. Clear, high vibrational thoughts promote health, balance and peace. Your thoughts make a difference. You make a difference.
Let’s put our minds and hearts together.

We’re looking forward to being with each one of you in love.


Too busy to join us? Please be inspired to offer your energy in the form of a monetary gift. Tap into a flow of connection you never knew was possible while helping preserve a culture and a practice vital to understanding nature in all aspects of life. Your contribution makes our work in Earth Stewardship possible.


The Teyuna Foundation exists to share the teachings and practices of the four families of the Teyuna with individuals, organizations and networks focused on Earth Stewardship, ecological protection and planetary consciousness. Vital also is the Teyuna Foundation’s support of the Teyuna’s efforts to reclaim their sacred lands and maintain and protect their unique cultural ability to communicate directly with Mother Nature. We not only endorse the Teyuna’s service, called pagamento, offered for thousands of years to mitigate natural disaster and help Earth sustain or return to a state of balanced health and harmony, but also seek to emulate their appreciation of Mother Nature and their holistic spiritual insight.