Holding Space for Earth Jan 26 and Feb 2

To hold means to embrace. Space in Teyuna meditation means the environment.

Pagamento is holding space for Earth and all her flora and fauna. It’s embracing with attention, intention and will to provide what’s needed to ease Mother Earth’s suffering.

The attributes needed to grow your ability to hold space for Earth are the same attributes needed to support each other. 

Practicing Acceptance

Allowing anyone or anything to feel what they feel without interfering or offering an alternative feeling.

Being a vessel for what is needed.

Trusting experience takes shape most affectively when desire and expectation of outcome disappear.

Accepting a moment as it is. 

Being Willing to connect rather than control (practicing awareness). 

Acceptance is, in itself an act of compassion and openness. It’s sitting in silence. It’s noticing what resonates with the dissonance within yourself and asking humbly if you could be of service, if you could offer balance or harmony to support. Intention to relieve suffering is the essence of compassion. It’s suspending self-importance.


True listening is letting go of a need to respond and hearing what wants to be said. Attention, focused on whatever is happening in the moment, connects you to the flow of affirming nature. The Teyuna say to truly hear you have to listen with the ears of the heart. 

Being Compassionate

Being a loving presence. Just intending to be a loving presence eases pain and exudes safety or guardianship. It says I’m here, and you are fully supported. Compassion is embracing acceptance, discerning rather than judging and intending without attaching to position.

– and Witnessing

Witnessing is being a compassionate observer. It’s an important and special thing to lend your objective intention, attention and will to move from potential to substance. Affirm your existence as an atom in the body of all that is. 


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to hold space for our collective home


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  • Intro to Teyuna Meditation January 26th
    • 10:00-10:45 AM Pacific US/CAN  en español 
    • 10:45-11:30 AM Pacific US/CAN in english
  • Global PAGAMENTO (simultaneous translation Spanish/English: 2/2/2022 10-11:30 AM Pacific US/CAN