Communitea WEDNESDAYS and Register for Bunshanduna Ancestral Wisdom School Sessions Start SEPTEMBER 16

Since I was a young sharing tea with friends and family has been an important and nurturing moment to ground, center and connect. Sometimes, a nice strong cup of black tea with my grandmother reminded me I was loved, sometimes wrapping up in a blanket with a cup of chamomile reminds me to slow down. In Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies I discovered deep, meditative moments of gratitude and silence. 

I offer communiteas every Wednesday to give Teyuna Foundation community a moment to connect, share and honor Mother Earth. We sit together though we may be thousands of miles apart and focus on loving Earth, thereby nurturing ourselves and all the seen and unseen creatures, plants, elements and mysteries of life. You are always welcome. Link here to join at 6:00PM Mountain Time on Wednesdays.

Please don’t miss the launch of Bunshanduna Ancestral Wisdom School. Click Here to see course details and find the registration link.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!