Thank you for joining us! We’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday January 28, 2021 and Thursday February 4, 2021  at 5:00PM UTC; 9:00AM Pacific USA; Noon Eastern USA. 


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Receive an attunement to connect more deeply to the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers of Earth. Learn how to be more balanced and grounded. 

Work with Mamo Atilio remotely for 1 week and check-in with Teyuna Foundation staff via  zoom

Please email questions you would like answered 36  hours ahead of the call. 

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Meeting ID: 822 4411 1668
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The Teyuna are able to directly communicate with Universal Energy which includes the ability to communicate with Earth Spirits. Learn what you can do to connect with them thereby deepening your connection to Mother and Father Earth and all that is.
The words holistic and healing are used to impart what the Teyuna (the Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Kankuamo people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) provide for the flora and fauna of the planet (including humans).
The Teyuna use the Spanish word pagamento (payment) to describe what they do, but Spanish is not their native language. Payment and healing are considered synonyms herein as an attempt to explain phenomena that is beyond language.
Teyuna Spiritual Leaders, called Mamos and Zagas, don’t see themselves as healers necessarily. They exist to balance imbalance. For the Teyuna, illness and any dis-ease are imbalances created when a debt is left unpaid. Pagamento must be performed to cancel the debt.
The Teyuna work with us because they want us to heal, they want us to understand how to live consciously and harmoniously, and they work with us because there are precious few of them left and they need our help.
When you attend a Holistic Healing and Dreaming session with us, the Mamos and Zagas listen to your soul, spirit and body with the ears of the heart and ask that you participate whole heartedly in return. We must all work together for existence on this planet to come into balance.
The word dreaming is our base word for an ever unfolding, ongoing ebb and flow of consciousness.
Dream symbology is tangible and immutable for the Teyuna. Dreaming is a practice, like yoga which you can do with your eyes closed or open.
We have literally thousands of unconscious thoughts and when we begin paying paying attention to our environments (getting present – internally and externally) our minds naturally quiet and we naturally begin to notice patterns – signs and symbols that help us to understand our life paths on a more conscious level.

Sacred materials are often used in pagamentos (payments) with the Teyuna.  Everything with the Teyuna is a conversation with the spiritual mothers and fathers and spontaneously evolves. We do are best to foresee what materials will be needed, and sometimes they change.

In working with the Teyuna you will find it useful to have elementals and candles in all colors of the rainbow, raw cotton at your fingertips and tobacco, sage or a cigar handy, but you won’t always use these things and you may be asked to procure other items. We trust The Mothers and Fathers to guide us.

Some details about materials we often use:

for the Arhuaco a black candle cleans negative energy from the air, a green candle clears dis-ease energy and a white candle infuses a space with positive energy.

In the case of the Teyuna sacred objects are generally stones and shells, but can be other items as well.

Your connection with Mamo Atilio facilitates a greater opening to what westerners often term grounding. You will feel more present in soul, spirit and body and you may experience physical or emotional release.

Many of you have experienced the soft, deep, non-dual space the Teyuna offer and are aware that what’s provide goes beyond academic understanding to a visceral level of connection as we move from cognition to contemplation to action.

For those of you who’ve worked with the mamos and zagas previously, a system wide activation was seeded that will be watered on this call and you will know what that means.

For those of you who’ve not experienced the work of the mamos and zagas, dormant sewa (DNA) will be activated. You may or may not be consciously aware of the changes that take place as they occur on a very subtle level. The best way to work with these changes is to spend time outside and notice what occurs as new in your sensory perceptions. This will be your main take-away. If you meditate it may occur as a deepening in your ability to quiet the mind. As you sit and intend to notice your perceptions will magnify exponentially over time.

You have been called to this offering due to your compassionate connection to Mother Nature. Even if you think you’re called because you’re having health challenges it is likely that your illness indicates an inability to process the unrest in our world right now.

Remember we are here for you even after the week is over and feel free to contact us any time at this email address.

Let us know how to best support you during our time together and throughout the week.