Aganguashi, Zhonagueshi, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Aganguashi is an energetic space of non-dual healing by which we purify ourselves and in so doing, purify all of nature. We heal Earth, we heal our sun, we heal our feelings and senses and we come into balance.

Zhonagueshi is a series of visualizations used to make offerings, pagamentos to the spiritual mothers and fathers of Earth and the cosmos.

With the power and the focus of our intention we can neutralize, clear and prevent dis-ease and facilitate balanced harmonious conditions for all life on the planet, including ourselves.

Aganguashi and Zhonagueshi are Universal Laws. They are incontestable.

In these times of great upheaval, we’re vacillating between states of undying love and paralyzing fear because we’ve forgotten how to access the A to Z teachings of Universal Law. The Teyuna, throughout time immemorial have never forgotten them, that’s why we need them. That’s why it’s so important that we make the time to receive their precious and priceless offerings. They may just our best medicine and deepest hope.

Join us Monday for Holistic Healing and Dreaming with Mamo Atilio, a fresh, deeply healing, grounding and rejuvenating experience of how to be the Teyuna way.

Tuesday is #givingtuesday worldwide. Giving Tuesday was created to unite humanity 

in generosity, an energetic circle of support that unequivocally benefits everyone. 

When we stand in generosity of spirit, when we stand in gratitude, we are being the difference.

Whether on Tuesday or at your next available opportunity please contribute to the generosity of the Teyuna who live to serve the planet and all flora and fauna, including you. If the ecology of the planet is important to you please put your hands directly into the hands of the Mother of us all and help us reach our end of year goals

Wednesday and nearly every Wednesday join us to share, unwind, meditate and collaborate 

in community for a virtual cup of tea from 5:00-6:00PM Pacific Time via Zoom.

Passcode: 752306

Deep thanks from the Heart of the Heart of the World.

May we be instruments of universal balance and may harmony move through us, and radiate from us like sunlight and moonlight to all life.