The Things I’ve Learned From The Mamos

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ Anais Nin

The Time is Now.

After finishing a tour with the Teyuna and having 2 weeks for processing and integrating the experience of being with the Mamos uninterruptedly for 2 weeks, I can look back and begin to see clearly the things I’ve learned from them.

I learned from them that the way we treat the Earth is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves. We could easily say that Self-love and Self-worth are issues affecting humankind at this moment in time, as well as Self-respect and Self-care.

I learned from them how to be strong on my commitment to the Earth and Nature from the loving and respectful manner which they interact with Nature. I learned that as a human, I am only another element in Nature. Furthermore, that I have exactly the same rights to live on this Earth as any other element of the animal and plant kingdoms. I belong to the Earth, the Earth doesn’t belong to me.

I learned to constantly renew my connection to the Earth in order to be fully connected to the Planet at all times, to feel the Earth, to be aware of the land, the trees, the water, the animals and other elements of Nature. They also taught me that there are practical ways to tune into our environment. For example if we want to evaluate how healthy our environment is, the Mamos say that by checking four aspects of any given environment you could assess the health of that particular environment. They call these aspects the 4 vital signs of an environment:

  1. The health of the water
  2. The health of the air
  3. The health of the trees
  4. The health of the soil

The real question that comes to my mind is: How do we deepen our connection to the Earth?

By opening our hearts and by being willing to feel. So as to connect to the land and the different kingdoms in Nature, the only requirement is our willingness to feel without fear. Every time we are afraid of feeling we are closing our hearts. For instance there are not guaranteed words that will enable us to communicate with a tree. The tree may not understand our words as they belong to the realm of the mind. We communicate with a tree through our feelings. We may continue talking to a tree as a way to communicate with it, by all means, but we need to be aware that the message is being carried by our feelings and not by the words. Sound and music are also very important tools to communicate with Nature, however the intention we infuse the sound with is what enable us to communicate with the different kingdoms of Nature. That I learned from the Mamos.

I learned how to be sustained by my own love to this Earth and by doing this becoming emotionally Self-sufficient. When we connect to the land from our hearts, the land connect with us and send back to us, tenfold, waves of loving energy. We could go in Nature, find a quiet space, take our shoes off, and feel our own hearts, when we are able to feel the Beauty of our own heart, and the gratitude we feel to this Earth that has supported us since the beginning of humankind, when we allow ourselves to be touched by the Beauty of Nature, at this precise moment when our hearts are overflowing with feelings of humbleness and gratitude, respectfully we connect to the Earth. And the Earth will respond to us sending back a wave of love that will open our hearts completely to the point that it may feel as if the heart has just dissolved.

I learned to remember that we all belong to the Human race and regardless of the differences on the way individuals do things, cultural differences, religious and political differences, we all are humans and citizens of this planet: One race – the Human Race and One planet – Mother Earth. The Mamos showed me this as they are living reminders of this truth.

I learned to Trust by fully living in the present moment. The Mamos are living examples of what Trust really means. They live in the present moment completely supported by the Earth and nourished by their own love to the Planet, therefore they are always ready to take care of whatever arises.

Those are only a few of the things I have learned from the Mamos.

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