The Healing Benefits of Pagamento

Mamos arrive at the fisherman village

Pagamento has a huge healing effect on the individual, but more important on humankind and ultimately on the Planet.

The Mamos see you as an interconnected individual within the natural environment, the Planet and the weaving of human society, as well as within your personal environment, comprised of your family, your work and the place on Earth where you live.

When you request a personal Pagamento for a particular issue you are experiencing, physical or emotional, even without you being aware of it, this Pagamento will have a tremendous effect on the land, the specific place on Earth where you live and their Sacred Mountain as well, and it will have a beneficial effect in the wellbeing of humankind.

Zaga Josephina

The Mamos address the energy that is in distress, the energy that is off balance. They will deal with the disharmonious energy a person is willing to reflect back to society. And by doing this the effect of their Pagamento has multilayered repercussions that permeate through different environments: physical, emotional and spiritual.

I will give you an example of a real Pagamento that illustrates this perfectly.

I had a request from a very close friend who needed a Pagamento on her behalf to heal a sexual energy issue that she was dealing with at the moment, the ramifications of this traumatic event were having a negative impact on her life.

A series of Pagamentos was necessary for this person. This particular Pagamento required the participation of more than 1 Mamo. During an entire week 3 Mamos kept working on her and during that period she used to visit them during their dreams.

Once, one of the Mamos told me: “Every time she comes to see us during the night she always shows me a particular fisherman village in the Sierra Nevada and I don’t know why”.

Collecting objects for Pagamento

The Mamo asked me: “Does she know this little town in the Sierra? Has she ever been there?” I said to the Mamo, I can assure you she has never been there and the chances for her to visit that place are almost none. However, I know about this town because I used to visit there when I was a little girl, and just a couple of months ago I read in the newspapers about what was happening there.

Don’t you know Mamo Rodrigo, what was going on there? – Mamos don’t read the newspapers neither watch the news.

Mamo Sensio doing pagamento

He said: No, please tell me. I said: There was an international child trafficking ring operating in a hotel in that fisherman town. There was heavily marketed sex tourism activities happening in the hotel and people from Europe and the States were coming to this little town for child sex abuse, drugs and alike. All operating from that hotel. The police busted it and for the first time in the history of Colombia the owner of the hotel and leader of the prostitution ring was expelled from Colombia, the hotel was expropriated from him and now is closed. The government is planning to demolish the hotel.  

He immediately said to me: “Now I understand… Now I know why she keeps showing me that place. We need to go to do a Pagamento for her right there, to restore harmony to the land and to heal her and the land/Earth”. Meanwhile here in the US the Me Too movement is in full force and a sex scandal in Hollywood involving a famous movie producer is all over the news.

Well, going back to the Sierra, the hotel is not accessible from the road so you need to take a small boat from the fisherman village and hike to get there, but the entire hotel area was cordoned off by the police and under 24 hour watch by them. Let me put it this way: it was not an easy task to transport 2 Mamos and a Zaga who were living in another state, on the opposite side of the Sierra to go to the hotel and do Pagamento for the land and for this beautiful woman. However, there was no doubt from the Mamos, regardless of how inconvenient was to get there, they needed to go there, and they went and did the Pagamento on that location.

Mamo Sensio

That shows you of how committed they are to humankind and to Mother Earth.

That also shows you the interconnectedness among humans and different places on Earth.

For you to have the full context, it may be important for you to know that my friend who required the Pagamento lives in NY, the child sex trafficking ring leader is from the Middle East (Israel/Palestine area), his clients were almost exclusively from Europe and the US, the Me Too movement and the movie producer sex scandal was happening in Hollywood and the Pagamento was done in the Sierra by the Mamos.

The discordant sexual energy was hitting us on the face for all of us to see it and address it.

And THAT they did.

We are in this together. There is only One Earth and One Human race.

Ginny Griego