Moon Phases and Plant Songs

Rue. A potent medicinal plant that will be discussed in our sessions this week.

What do we really need to do – in this moment, in this moment, in.this.moment?

Put our our feet on the ground and breathe.

Breathing is the first and last thing we do in a life and it’s what we do in-between breaths that determines a life- span.

Between breaths we experience differing degrees of consciousness. For most of us, this means mainly we feel pain or pleasure in any given moment, in any given breath. If we move outside of our personal pain and pleasure to the pain and pleasure of others we ultimately experience many if not all possible aspects of human experience.

If we get curious about what is beyond a human experience, we begin to understand ourselves as part of a whole. As part of all flora and fauna. We begin to feel ourselves as mountains, trees, rivers, jaguars, falcons and starfish. We learn we are all connected.

Mamos and Zagas, live in a state of relationship and reciprocity with all flora and fauna of the planet and with the mysteries of the cosmos. Their ordinary reality may seem extraordinary to us. Moving beyond personal sensation to felt sensations, conversations, and understanding of everything, anything and nothing with absolute surety that there is only harmony or disharmony that may or may not require tuning is what Mamos and Zagas do with every breath. They listen, respond, and attune. That’s what they were born to do and maybe that’s all any of us were ever meant to do.

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you talk to trees, but there’s also a good chance you could do a better job of listening. Join Mamo Atilio and his daughter Ati, Arhuaco Teyuna (thinkers of clear thoughts) this week and re-member how to listen to the moon and to some specific plants and perhaps for the first time, experience true freedom.


Tuesday October 20: Holistic Healing and Dreaming with Mamo Atilio


⋅ We meet on the waxing crescent moon because that is the ultimate time for healing (tuning). Join us as Mamo Atilio speaks to how the moon reflects not only the sun, but our entire being and learn how to read moon messages.
⋅ Share your dreams and questions about your life and gain insight into Arhuaco dream analysis and healing.
⋅ Work with Mamo Atilio remotely for 1 week.
⋅ Meet via zoom Tuesday October 27 to share your experiences.


Monday October 19: Herbal Medicine with Ati


⋅ Ati (Mamo Atilio’s Daughter has helped heal hundreds of people. Join us to hear what she has to say about common herbs you can find and make your own medicine with and hear about her work with dart frog medicine from the Amazon and traditional Teyuna herbal medicine.
⋅ There will be time for Q&A as well.

. Session times:  -5:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)
. To insure each person has an opportunity to share participation is very limited. Please Register Now.
. Events will be recorded.
. The suggested donation is not meant to be a financial burden. We have a few scholarships available and encourage you to contribute within your means.


Register for both sessions. Suggested donation: $127.00
Register for just the session with Mamo Atilio: suggested donation $104.00. 
Register for the session with Ati only: suggested donation $27.00 


PLEASE NOTE: WHEN YOU REGISTER YOU ARE MAKING A NON-REFUNDABLE DONATION TO THE TEYUNA FOUNDATION.donations to events this week support healing and reclamation of sacred lands in arhuaco territory.


Some impressions from previous Holistic Healing and Dreaming circles via zoom:
“I feel wonderful now and the experience was very powerful. I felt the ritual becoming more and more defined particularly as I went through the week. I had more energy each day.”
“It was quite interesting to watch my thoughts. I noticed I had a lot of divided thoughts and opinions and found my way through them, integrated them. The exercises helped me arrive at continuity.”
“My energy definitely picked up. I got more focused and my nerve damage is better.”
“I felt relaxed and my energy has picked up. My knee got better.”
“It was like a month long meditation class jammed into 7 days. I had intense dreams and emotionality – that’s unusual for me. I felt a lot of purification and healing.”
“I was more drawn then usual toward meditation and it was easier to align with positive thoughts and intentions. I feel still in process and this is the beginning.”
“This experience was powerful! The first two days I had a lot of physical pain and felt I was detoxing. By the 3rd day I was sleeping through the night, which was a 180 degree turn around. I felt a lot of vibration and changes within me.”