Our Community is committed to a major attempt to restore Earth’s energy directed by Mother Nature Herself. We follow the teachings of some of the last people on the planet who can still communicate with Her, the mamos and zagas,  spiritual leaders of the Teyuna, master teachers who’ve spent countless generations connecting with Aluna, primordial consciousness.

The Teyuna Foundation has the incredible honor of  being the only group in North America  sanctioned by the Concejo Territorial de Cabildos, Council of the Cabildos, the highest governing authority in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, to work exclusively with mamos and zagas performing sacred service for planetary healing and sharing teachings with the outside world.

We are reaching out to the global community of  Earth Stewards for support and are developing partnerships with organizations and networks committed to planetary healing. If you are interested in community committed to serving The Mother of Us All please step forward to become a member of the Teyuna Foundation.

We completed the last segment of our Recorrido in New York on September 16 and are looking forward to building relationships with the new family of Earth Stewards that we met as we traveled cross-country in the USA. You are welcome to join.

Your participation supports our collective vision to nourish The Mother of Us All with hope, truth, balance and peace.

Member Benefits:

Exclusive Teachings

Access to members-only meditations and videos

Priority notice on retreats

Advance placement on the wait list for private sessions with the mamos and zagas.

Annual $140

Monthly $14

A Sustainer’s Membership gives you all the benefits listed above, plus the following:

1 private 40 minute in person or remote session with a mamo or zaga and a translator if necessary.

Annual $444.00

Monthly $40.00