How We Can Light That Candle and Keep Going

“Humanity is being invited to participate in a great opportunity at this time: to unite. To see very clearly that we are all one.”

Please don’t be afraid.
“From our communication sites with the portals from the different dimensions, we, the Mamos, perceive that this teacher [virus] is fed by fear, vibrates with it and is empowered by the fear that he perceives in all of us who feel terrified of losing what we have, what we built or planned to build. As humanity we have been crowned with the vibration of fear. From the Sacred sites the Guardians send us courage and we Mamos add to this courage a good dose of solidarity, unconditional love and self-confidence in ourselves to spread it to others as an effective shield against fear.”
Mamo Dwawiku Izquierdo Compiled by Amanda Bernal-Carlo; @The Great Balance
The Teyuna Foundation exists to share the teachings and practices of the four families of the Teyuna, the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia with individuals, organizations and networks focused on Earth Stewardship, ecological protection and planetary consciousness. Vital also is the Teyuna Foundation’s support of the Teyuna’s efforts to reclaim their sacred lands and maintain and protect their unique cultural ability to communicate directly with Mother Nature. We not only endorse the Teyuna’s service, called pagamento, offered for thousands of years to mitigate natural disaster and help Earth sustain or return to a state of balanced health and harmony, but also seek to emulate their appreciation of Mother Nature and their holistic spiritual insight. Please Support the People who Support the Planet. 


Nurture the Heart

An exercise to help you move from fear to love and shift your vibration

Sit quietly and comfortably, out of doors if possible.

Watch your breath and listen with your heart. Don’t think about what that means, just intend and notice what happens. Imagine the intelligence of each and every one of your cells is focused on human being (instead of human doing).

Allow yourself to feel the fear you’re carrying. There is no judgment, just a compassionate and unconditional noticing. When you’re ready, allow the fear to drain from your body into your hands. You will be holding a ball of energy. When you’re ready, begin to balance the polarities of fear and love in the ball. When the polarities have balanced you will feel it, or know it, or hear harmony with the ears of the heart. Next, call in Great Thanks, then Great Peace and with Great Love offer the energy in your hands wherever or to whomever occurs to you. Feel energy flowing from you and to you. If you can place your hands on Earth. What you’re feeling now, feel more of that. That’s oneness. That’s the vibration we were born to and the vibration that is most natural and healing for us and for all flora and fauna on Earth, because we are all one.

Everything known and unknown in nature responds to your frequency. In the above exercise your frequency will move through fear to love and be balanced in the space between.