From the Heart Land to the Heart of the All That Is and Headed East

It’s been magical to spend time in the field of mamo consciousness, a state-of-being beyond the confines of self. Teyuna mamos (male) and zagas (female) are trees, rocks, rivers and all of the elements at once. We all are, but most of us don’t live that ideal. Finding my way through that terrain has been a life-long process, and it will continue. Having the incredible opportunity to walk with those completely connected to the Mother, is helping me take bigger and bigger strides. As Mamo Santiago often said when he was with us, “I’m walking and learning.”; “I’m walking and listening.” 

Some mamos and zagas are tasked as part of their path to familiarize themselves with Western culture, attend universities and are professionally trained in business, law and medicine for example, but they do not describe themselves through those trainings. They don’t define themselves, so it’s not their habit to describe themselves in terms of hierarchical status or degree.  Even when asked about their personal lives or family history they often take pause because those questions break the state of oneness they occupy.

It was interesting do think about not defining myself by what I do on such a deep level particularly since what I’ve been doing is now almost entirely focused on what they do and what they do is simply be. I’m beyond grateful to provide that service and in so doing provide service directly to the Mother of us all.

We’ll soon be in New York where there will be ample opportunity to join us for retreats, personal healings and public events . Please click on the bolded blue text to link to tickets and more information. September 8 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts,  in Canaan at Shaker Mill Farms between September 9 and 12, on September 11 in Kingston, New York and in Fishkill, New York from September 14-16.

Hope to see you soon.